New System Info
Starting Nov, 18, 2019

We have a new website, new membership system and new social networking site.

Access to your membership record is based off your email address we have on file. All changes and correspondence MUST will be made via that email address.

You will need to get a Username to 1) purchase online 2) access the Members Area (social networking) and 3) to access your Club ID with QR code for fast entrance.

All existing un-expired memberships have been entered into the new system already. You can request a Username by going to the top menu, Help, then Request Username. Fill out the form with the email address you used to originally sign up for a membership. An automated email will be sent to that email address. If when submitting the form, it tells you the email address is not found, then you should fill out a new application. See below.

All previous members who have expired memberships need to fill out an application on this new system and go through application process, on top menu, select About, then Membership, then click on the Apply Now button.  In the application Referral section, note that you were a previous member.  Once you confirm your email address, you will receive a link to setup your Username and Password.

Photo Requirement: An “Office Use Only” ID photo is now required to be linked to your member record to help in Check In entry. This is required on the application form, but for existing members, you will need to login to your Account Info and upload a photo into the system. Go to top menu, Help, then My Account Info, login to your account, and click ID Photo Upload.  Photo should be a recent photo of you, from the waist up with faces.

Entrance to the club and new Club ID: While you will be able to enter by presenting your photo ID as you previously have, BUT a new quicker entrance is possible by using your Club ID. By using your Username, you can go to top menu, Help, then My Account Info, login to your account, and click Club ID. It will present your picture and QR code. (if you haven’t uploaded a picture, click on the ID Photo Upload).  You can take a screen shot of this or just use that to quickly scan in at the club to identify yourself. If you have pre-purchased, this will also bring up your purchases to the Check In desk for quick entry.

Members Area (Social Networking site): We are glad to be able to offer you a private, members only, social networking site, so you can mingle with other Princeton members. You will need to be an Approved member (have attended the club at least once) AND have a current paid un-expired membership.  With your Username and Password you will be able to gain entry.

NOTE: this is a separate site from the main club site, NO information or photos (Club ID photo) are transferred to it, other than your Username and member type (Couple, Single).

The system is similar to Facebook in that you can post on the Main Feed and you will be free to post pictures (or not).

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