Club Princeton

The Princeton Club offers a sensually charged atmosphere without any pressure or obligation. We have over 21,000 sq. ft designed for your fantasy and pleasure. Our first floor includes the dance area which is complete with a live DJ, a stage, fabulous lighting effects, special VIP seating, dance cages and a professional bar area for your convenience, free soft drinks and mixers. We provide snacks and soft drinks. Our second floor has a large VIP room with a bar, cozy fireplace and large seating area for socializing and mixing.

Ready for some real fun? Come to the special lounges and fantasy play areas and enter another world! Try the 45 degree Stairway to Heaven, or the Doctor's exam table, a small jail cell or what about the new sibian massage table. Everything you and your partner want to experience. Jump into the Players Club Room with multi-tiered loungers. The room is charged with lots of excitement. On the second floor, explore your desire at our BDSM Dungeon Room , Spanking, flogging ,bondage, resistance play, specific and varied role-play scenes available

Princeton is a private members only LifeStyle Club. Memberships are REQUIRED to attend. Door fees are paid at each event and vary based on the party. Please see pricing for more information. We reserve the right to deny entry or membership to persons seeking to join or enter at any time at the discretion of management and ownership.

What to Expect
at the Club

Unique and Upscale

In the past 19 years over 300,000 people have come thru our doors and said "WOW, we can't believe how nice and clean this place is... Princeton , was opened October 2004. You are going to find that Princeton is by far the most upscale Lifestyle Club in the Midwest and our philosophy is "IT"S ALL ABOUT THE LADIES". Princeton makes sure that our women members are our top priority. So Ladies when you walk into the Club, you are totally in charge.

When you arrive at the Club you will be met by our friendly staff, where you will provide your reservation number that you received online. You will get your tour of the club. If you have brought your drinks with you, you will check your stuff in with a friendly Bar staff.

If you have wondered what it's like to have a fantasy and then be able to act it out, well Princeton might be your ticket. The Couples and Singles that come to the Club are very respectful, nice, well dressed, successful and they understand that it is all about respect and privacy. No one is allowed to touch you without your permission. So Ladies, Princeton is not your typical club where you have to fight off guys who are bothering you.


Let's Mix it up right!

We do NOT sell liquor. You are welcome to bring your own bottle (BYOB), all liquor is to be checked into the bar. Our bartenders will be happy to provide you with mixers (coke, diet coke, sprite, orange juice, cranberry juice, soda water, tonic water, ice, etc.). All alcohol is to be consumed inside the Club or on the designated patio area. No open containers are to be removed from the Club.

Dress Code

Dress to Impress with sexy club wear.

Men: Pants with a nice collared shirt and dress shoes preferred. Also allowed is a polo type shirt, adding a jacket or vest would be a nice touch. Jeans are allowed assuming they fit properly, and are not overly worn. Dress hats such as fedoras are allowed, but other hats are not, see below.

Ladies: Sexy, sensuous outfits that you can share with your partner privately or with the rest of the club members.

The following is NOT permitted:

  • Athletic hats, ball caps, Do-rag, beanies or skull caps
  • T-shirts with logos or advertising products or services
  • Athletic shoes (tennis shoes),Flip-flops, sandals or work boots
  • Distressed jeans whether new or from wear
  • Men: Shorts, Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, wife beaters

When you are in doubt and trying to decide what to wear, remember; you are coming to a private club, not just any club, an upscale lifestyle club. Club Princeton holds itself and staff to a high standard and we have amazing, sexy members, you will want to dress to impress!

and Pricing


Private Club - Membership Required

Couple MaleFemale
1 Year$99$125$50
2 Months $50nana

Out of Town Couples we offer a 2 month membership for couples that live further than 50 miles from The Club.

Event Admission is required in addition to membership and are specific to each event.

Membership Payment

You can pay for your membership online or at the door. When purchasing an event, you can select your membership type and include that with your payment.

If you wish to enter the Members Area, you will need to have an unexpired paid membership and Approved (have been to the club at least once).

Pay Membership Now

New Members

We are a private club and a membership is required to attend an event.

You MUST fill out an online membership application AND be APPROVED PRIOR to arrival at the club. Your information is kept on a secure server.

The membership process is simple. Fill out an online membership application, confirm your email address, and then your application will be submitted for Approval. Once it is approved you will be welcome to attend the club. Your first visit will include a short interview to review the club rules and ensure you understand how the club works. Membership and Event fees can be purchased in advance ONLY after you have been APPROVED. Before applying you MUST read the Club Terms & Conditions.

Read Club Terms & Conditions

Apply Now

New Member Checklist

Typical Event Fees

Special events will have different pricing. Below are at the typical door pricing.


Paid membership is required for all events


Important Information on Membership Profiles

They are not interchangable! There is no ability to remove a partner to make a couples membership into a singles or to add a partner to make a singles into a couples. You may not remove a partner and add someone else as a replacement, nor can we do these things for you. The solution is to submit a new application with the changes you need made and to send us an email regarding the situation at the time the application is submitted. This must be done in advance of your arrival, our staff cannot help with these issues at the door. Remember, all new members must be approved PRIOR to attending the club for their first time, even if they are with an existing member or members. Make sure all applications are submitted at least a few days before you plan on attending even if they are simply due to changes in status. Thank you!

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