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The Princeton Club is a private club and requires that everyone entering the club to be a member. You must be 21 years of age to become a member. Applications are processed online . Once you have submitted your application and confirmed your email address, your application will be reviewed within 7 days. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email indicating that you were approved and your membership number. You cannot attend the club until your application has been approved. Make sure you bring your membership number and your valid photo ID (Driver's License) to the Club on the night of your reservation.
They are not interchangable! There is no ability to remove a partner to make a couples membership into a singles or to add a partner to make a singles into a couples. You may not remove a partner and add someone else as a replacement, nor can we do these things for you. The solution is to submit a new application with the changes you need made and to send us an email regarding the situation at the time the application is submitted. This must be done in advance of your arrival, our staff cannot help with these issues at the door. Remember, all new members must be approved PRIOR to attending the club for their first time, even if they are with an existing member or members. Make sure all applications are submitted at least a few days before you plan on attending even if they are simply due to changes in status. Thank you!
Once your membership is approved at the Princeton Club and you pay the party fee donation at the door, one of our Hosts will take you on a tour of the facility and explain some simple rules and answer any questions you may have. If you have never visited a club you may have a very different idea of what you can expect than what actually takes place. The atmosphere is much like any of your favorite nightclub hangouts. The only difference is that you have the ability to explore aspects of yourself and/or your partner or other members of the club that you have never focused on. We have a pool table, a dance floor, 4 themed rooms, a multi-tiered play area, private areas throughout the club, a massage area, two 6 person Jacuzzi/spa and a shower area and a state of the art light and sound system, stage, VIP Seating. The club is designed for you to have fun and pleasure. If at any time you need assistance or have questions, a staff member will be more than happy to help you. We want you to be completely at ease, having fun and enjoying the many activities at the Club. There's lots to do: dance, eat, mingle with other couples, talk, socialize at the bar, listen to your favorite music, stroll thru the Club or sit and relax on the Patio.
YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER! Our members tend to be upscale, mature, fun loving, open-minded and curious. But most importantly, our members are our best assets and we want members of the club who are fun-loving and respectful of others. Membership is non-discriminating as to color, creed, social class, education or income.
For single females, the sky is the limit. You have the opportunity for 'the best of both worlds' and probably more single females would enjoy swinging if they were better exposed to it. For the single man, in order to be a success, you will need to be patient and easy-going. Socialize with the other members and remember that it is important to be warm, considerate, sensual and fun to be with.
Swinging is not for everyone. Often times the ladies will complain that their partner is too pushy and impatient and pressuring them to do things that they are not yet comfortable doing. We suggest that the first time you visit the Club just relax and enjoy some of the recreational activities and watch some of the members. After you leave the Club talk to your partner and share your feelings. We're sure that you will feel just like we did when we were first introduced to the fabulous freedom we experience at the Club. Familiarizing yourself with this new found lifestyle is a process and giving your partner the freedom to explore the lifestyle at their own pace will be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams.
No, of course not. Many people come to just watch all the fun. No one at the Club is pressured to do anything except have fun. All the activities, games, music, entertainment, spas, massage areas, soft lighting, great food, comfortable surroundings are for one purpose. To allow people to have a lot of fun with absolutely 'No Pressure'. If you want to join in some of the activities, great, but our members are at the Club to have FUN. Enjoy the Club at your own terms.
Please see our Dress Code section on the main website page.
There really is no average age per se, members' ages range from the late 20's to the late 40's. We encourage members of all ages to participate and enjoy the club.
It may happen and if it does trust your instincts, the club is big enough for everyone. To be a member you must respect all others in the club and you may find that you like getting to know the acquaintance a whole lot better.
This club was designed for women and couples in mind. As always, it is important to be respectful and ask first before touching anyone. We hope that we have created an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to express themselves in a healthy way.
The Club does not permit overnight Lodging. From time to time the evening hours are extended until 6:00am because everyone is having such a fabulous time.
The Club's Policy is to call a cab or Limo service for you. You may pick up your vehicle the following day. If a Bartender determines that you have had too much to drink, they will stop serving you alcohol. The Club Policy is to refrain from drinking and driving. We encourage everyone to have a designated driver.
There are several types of swinging or 'lifestyles' as most veterans call it. Swinging, as defined by Patti Thomas in Recreational Sex is 'as an alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who feel that sexual non-monogamy between committed partners greatly enhances their relationship, allowing them to openly experience social, recreational sex with a number of partners, most often on a 'couple-to couple' basis.' This does not mean, of course, that singles are not actively involved in the swinging lifestyle because they are a very important member of the lifestyle. Open swinging usually involves 2-3 couples or singles partying together and is very enjoyable for people who enjoy watching their mates with others. Closed swinging is when two couples exchange partners in different rooms or settings. Group swinging is just what it says, groups of couples and singles and is most enjoyable for those who enjoy exhibitionism and voyeurism all at the same time. All of the above may occur at a house party, a couple-to-couple encounter or at a club and these parties can be 'on-premise' or 'off-premise'. An off-premise party allows for social interaction and mingling and usually arrangements are made to go elsewhere to pursue further activities. The parties at the Princeton Club are on-premises and allow members to enjoy the lifestyle in a safe, secure and clean environment.

Club Princeton has a responsibility to provide a fun, safe environment for all members. We want to be absolutely sure each person entering the club is Who they say they are and Over 21 years of age.

We require a personal interview with each member before approving their application to ensure they understand the rules and also so they know what to expect. Our careful screening process ensures our members have a safe, fun time.

We will not release your personal information to anyone without your express permission unless required to do so by law.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your first event better or if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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