Out of Town Pass:

Thinking of getting out of town for the weekend or just going for an overnight trip, and you want a stimulating upscale facility with a nightclub feel without making a house payment for it? We have just the place and package!

The Princeton Club has a Special "Out of Town Pass" we created for couples that live further than 50 miles from The Club and want to enjoy one of the top-five Lifestyle Clubs in the country without paying hundreds of dollars in membership fees. Try our "Out of Town Pass". Out of town couples can purchase a 30 day membership for $25 if you choose not to purchase a full annual membership.

Hi, it's RK and I am the owner of the Princeton Club and we want to make it easy, affordable and down right irresistible. Just send us your FREE online application for membership and let us know that you want to drop in for a night. You're not going to pay hundreds of dollars for your yearly membership fees, just $25 dollars. If you come on certain Friday Nights we have doubleheader parties on two floors. And for a small upgrade you can enjoy two completely different parties.

Or you can upgrade to a VIP package and enjoy special dance floor seating, personal VIP Hostess and access to the entire first floor club.

Princeton is classy, clean, elegant and friendly. On any given weekend 35-40% of the crowd lives Out of Town. The reason is simple. Princeton has become a Destination Club. The atmosphere, our classy members, the staff, the design of our facility are just some of the reasons more and more people are coming to Princeton to enjoy a night of pure excitement. Next time you want to get out of town and enjoy the proverbial "Night Out on the Town" just use our "Out of Town Pass" and keep it simple and affordable.

Fill out your FREE online application here and then order your "Out of Town Pass". All Passes may be paid online or you may pay cash or credit at our Club. And all we ask in return, is that you tell five other couples of your wonderful experience and ask them to join you on your next trip to Princeton. See that's not too much to ask. And if you don't have that many friends that you can confide in, well get online and tell the world. Don't worry, we will always make room for you whenever you decide to come back.

Wishing you the very best,