Princeton's Newest Star Attraction

Newsletter: May 04, 2009

Dear Members,

We have such an exciting lineup for you this weekend plus you will never believe whatís happening this weekend. When you come to Princeton this weekend you will see Princetonís newest attraction. Our new 15 person Hot tub right out on the Patio. Thatís right. Princeton has a 15 person Hot tub next to one of our 8 person Hot tubs on the Patio. So next time you want to party with over 20 people at the hottest Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.

This Friday May 8th It's a Cowboy and Sexy CowGirl Night. We're roping everybody as they get to the Club and we'll be playing on the patio tonight... We'll have our chuck wagon on the patio to take care of our hungry members. We'll have Music on the Patio. So if you're a musician just bring your instrument and jam with us tonight.

Come to the Club in your favorite cowboy or cowgirl outfit before 9:00 and get into the Club for only $20 per couple. Or bring a new couple that has never been to Princeton before and both couples get into the Club for only $20 per couple.

Or come on out to Princeton on Saturday May 9th and all of our MILF partygoers can get into Princeton for 50% off the door fee but you have to get into the Club before 9:00. Come on Princeton Nation and come and play at the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in Ohio. But you must come themed in your Naughty Schoolgirl outfit to get the big discount...

Yes we know Sunday is Mother's Day and all the little kids will be hanging onto Mom for her attention... But tonight, The Night belongs to Princeton and we're here to celebrate a MILF Naughty School Girl.
Tonight we are having a MILF Naughty School Girl Night and we all know what that means: It's Going to be a Wet-N-Wild Night. This is the best party of the month and we'll see you on the Dance Floor.

It's a MILF Naughty School Girl Party so call all your friends in Swingtown and come to a Party to remember. Plus the Pool is open, the Patio is open and so is our new 15 person Hot tub, so they'll be plenty of splashing going on.

Join the Club Princeton Fan Club and save money on special discounts only our fan club members enjoy. It's FREE...

Love and Kisses from all of us at Princeton,

Rk & Kitty

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