Fabulous Weekend...

Newsletter: Apr 27, 2009


If you missed coming out to Princeton then you missed 400 people that were smoking hot... Couples and Single females from all over Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana... Everyone partied till the wee hours of the morning.

This is great story... A couple that came to the Club this weekend told us their story how they found Princeton. One night a month ago they decided to change things up and go out to a Strip Club. They were there about an hour having a good time when one of the dancers asked them what they were looking for. They both looked at each other and they said, well we're looking for a women to spend time with my wife. The dancer looked at them and said, if you want to go to the nicest club in Ohio where you can do that go to Club Princeton in Columbus. You'll find what you're looking for. Well they came this weekend and they were so appreciative that this dancer took the time to lead them in the right direction.

Our members meet and come across people from all walks of life. Please share with them your experiences of the club or just tell them to try the Number 1 Lifestyle in the midwest.

This past Sunday night we were invited to go to a local bar to support a couple from southwest Ohio that were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Carl the moderator from Dayton Greeters was handling the arrangements and the Club donated some money toward their medical expenses. Both of them are unable to work and are going thru rehab.

This weekend we have our Strip Pole Contest on Friday night and Biker Night on Saturday. Be sure to tell all your friends where you'll be this weekend.

Some special announcements: The Couples Massage Class on May 14th. The instructor would like 10 couples for this class being held at the Pleasure Palace. The cost is $20 per couple and the class is 90 minutes long. Each person takes turning learning the special massage techniques to make your partner feel just right. PLease come out and support Princeton's Massage Wellness program. 100% of the procceds go to pay for the instructor. Kitty and RK supply the snacks, fruit and vegatables. And if you have never been to the Pleasure Palace this is a perfect time to visit. Go online to the May 14th event and make a reservation.

The June 7th Fore Pride Golf tournament, dinner and after dinner cocktails at the Pleasure Palace with Kitty and RK. The event is 100% for charity. We currently have 7 golfers signed up to play and it's only $80 per person. Golf, Dinner and after the event we are all going to the Pleasure Palace for cocktails and treats. You can sign up online for the event by making a reservation and paying for the event - June 7th. The after event at the Pleasure Palace is for all golfers that paid for the event plus you can invite your significant other to join you at the Pleasure Palace as well... It's a nice way to finish up a Sunday night!!!

Love and Kisses to all. And thank you for all your love and support throughout the year.

rk & kitty

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