St Patti's Weekend and Fetish Foreplay

Newsletter: Mar 10, 2009

Folks the Arnold Classic "Party with the Pros" was fantastic. Hard Bodies all over the Club. And did we say HOT Hard Bodies... OMG... There were so many beautiful women inside Princeton... At 4:00 in the morning we still had 60 couples in the private and groups areas and we didn't get out of there til 7:00 am...

This weekend is even crazier... It's St Patti's this Saturday... Some of you have sent us some mail asking why we call the party St Patti's and not St Patrick's... Well it's simple... Since Princeton is really a women's Club where women rule, and of course make all the rules... Then the party should be female flavored and hence the name change... Besides, we feel a whole lot better partying with Patti than Patrick. So come on Ladies, let's get the word out this week, that we are going to Princeton to rock the place.

Let's not forget about this Friday the 13th... It's Fetish Foreplay and you know whose going to be at Princeton... Lisa Marie and her magical healing hands will be right up at the fireplace for you foot fetish people. Jack our in house photographer will be on hand to take care of your photos right at the club (and it is so affordable)... Like Jack always says..."It's all Good!" Our retail Store is open and Deanna will be showing you all the new things inside "Kitty's Toy Store". Plus there will be a few Domes at Princeton waiting to collar you...

And did we say Girls Night Out? Ladies, get your engines warmed up because we are bringing you "Girls Night Out Toy Parties" all throughout the week at the Pleasure Palace. Want to come to a Private Adult Toy Party at the Palace... Well you can be a mini host... Invite all your friends, including your vanilla friends and sign up for a two hour "Girls Night Out Toy Party" at the Palace. It's FREE, It's safe, it's fun and we supply the wine, cheese, crackers, jokes, toys and you supply your girlfriends... There is no house to clean, husband to shoo away and no kids in the house to worry about. It's two hours and all our mini hosts receive free complimentary tickets to any Friday Night Princeton party plus other goodies.

We are booking "Girls Night Out Toy Parties" every week and our Princeton Ladies are really stepping up and getting behind this. Besides what's not to like about Girls Night Out. Remember Ladies, the Toy party is at the Palace and there is no information whatsoever about Princeton at that location. So nothing to fret about... So talk to Kitty, RK or Deanna and bring 10 of your girlfriends to the Palace for a Toy party to remember. Pick up some promotional material at Princeton this weekend and sign up to be a mini host today!

Plus the Pleasure Palace is so excited to announce that there are a group of people coming from Indianapolis to party at the Palace and Princeton this Saturday night. And you know those Indiana folks always want to party all night long at Princeton. We asked our Palace guests last week what they liked best about staying at Kitty's and partying at Princeton and here is what they were saying.

J and K wrote, "We came to celebrate Karen's birthday and ordered a massage from Sean (a licensed massage therapist) and he came right to the Palace and just melted us. He was so good. We sat around in Palace Robes just enjoying the natural beauty right outside the Great Room windows... Plus the deer walking thru the property, the River right in front of the house. We really like the relaxed atmosphere and meeting other couples before getting to the Club. When we arrived at Princeton that night the Staff immediately escorted us to our VIP seats right on the dance floor. And the VIP service was unbelievable. Kitty and RK really treated us so nice and this was our second weekend in a row. You guys really made staying at the Palace and Princeton so fantastic and affordable... We can't stay anywhere else."

If you are coming to Columbus either Friday or Saturday and plan an overnight stay be sure to call 614-275-9861 to find out if there is availability at the Palace. Plus there is always a cocktail with the owners... Well maybe two. We still have some space this Friday at the Palace.

See you this weekend for Friday 13th Fetish Foreplay and Saturday St Patti's Mega Party. Tell all your friends where you'll be this weekend. At the number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.

Love and Kisses, rk & kitty

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