The Arnold is right around the corner

Newsletter: Feb 23, 2009

Dear Members,

Have you always wanted to be up close with the International body builders that come to Columbus every March. Well this year is just like all the other years where a number of world class body builders will be coming to Columbus and some of them will be right here at Princeton. March 6th & 7th is the famous Arnold Classic Weekend!!!

Several Male and Female contestants and past winners always make their way to Princeton to meet our classy and sexy members and this year we want all of our members to come on out and meet people from all over the country.

Make your reservations today and be sure to get online and invite all your friends as well. Might as well make it a MEGA Party...

Of course if you want to see some sexy pole dancers be sure to stop by Princeton this Friday. Bring a new couple and both couples get in for only $20 per couple but you have to be at Princeton before 9:00pm. Or if you want to be examined by a Naughty Nurse then stop on out this Saturday because all the Naughty Nurses will be at Princeton. Bring a new couple and both couples can get into Princeton for only $40 but you have to be at Princeton before 9:00pm.

It pays to talk to others about Princeton...

And how about our New Toy Store... Kitty's Toy Store is open every Friday and Saturday from 9:00 - 12:00 and we are offering a 10% discount to all of our members for our Grand Opening.

Plus want to earn a FREE VIP Friday night Couples Pass... All you have to do is organize a "Girls Night Out Toy Party" held at the Pleasure Palace. Think of it.

Invite your girl friends to a fun 2 hour Toy Party that we will host at the Pleasure Palace. You don't have to clean your house, or kick out the husband and kids... Just get all your girlfriends to come to the Pleasure Palace and we do all the work. We provide wine, cheese, crackers, lots of fun toys, jokes and entertainment... And you the mini host will receive a FREE VIP Friday Night couples pass to the Princeton plus some other prizes...

Next time you're at Princeton please talk with Kitty or RK or just visit Kitty's Toy Store inside the Princeton Club and sign up for a "Girls Night Out Toy Party"... It's FUN, it's FREE, and we do all the work...

Love and Kisses,

Kitty and RK

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