Cupid was at Princeton...

Newsletter: Feb 17, 2009

Dear Members,

We really want to thank each and everyone who came out to the Pleasure Palace and Princeton this past weekend. It was truly a weekend to remember. Friday's Fetish Foreplay party with 180 people was the biggest Fetish party yet and boy is it growing. We are having another Fetish Freplay party March 13th so be sure to come again. And Saturday night there were 420 people who were head over heels in love... Cupid was definitely working over time.

This week its Rendezvous and Princeton's own Naughty Gras Party. It's a double header you do not want to miss... So bring a new couple to the Club this weekend and both of you get to save a few dollars...

If you have not made your reservation to the Arnold Classic weekend please do so right away. In fact get online and tell all your friends to be sure to stop by Princeton. Because every year we have some of the best looking body builders from all over the country that stop in looking for the sexiest Princeton couples. Body Builders and Lifestylers love to tango at Princeton.

And if you haven't been to Princeton in a while you'll find that the stage has a new attraction. We built a second shadow box dance area and it really changed the look of the stage. So get to the Club over the Arnold Classic weekend and experience something new.

Did we say anything about Couples Massages. Folks Kitty has something for you that is unheard of. This Thursday Feb 19 at 7:30pm there is a Couples Massage Class at the Pleasure Palace that is being taught by a licensed massage therapist. The fee is $20 per couple and the class runs about 90 minutes. Normally this type of instruction would be much more more expensive but we tied the instructor up and convinced them to give Princeton Members a deal they couldn't pass up. The class is open to only 10 couples, so call the club and sign up. If you want a personal massage before the class there is a spot open at 5pm and at 6pm and the cost is $60. Bring a mat a couple of pillows and a sheet and we'll have some snacks and munchies for you. This is a monthly class and you can make a reservation by going to our website, clicking on events at opening up the event on the 19th. Of course you can prepay or pay cash at the Palace. There are a few spots left so indulge yourselves and be at the Palace this Thursday evening.

Every weekend has some really exciting themed events so be sure to stop by and see all your friends at the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the midwest...

Love and Kisses,

rk & kitty

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