The Black White Event week is here

Newsletter: Aug 08, 2018

Dear Members,

We have finally reached the week of the Black White Derby Style Home Stretch...  It has all been worth the wait...  The CLUB is READY!!! The STAFF is READY!!! The FOOD is being PREPARED!!!  The BAND is READY!!! The DJ is READY!!! 

We are all READY and waiting to see all the gorgeous outfits, the Styles, the Elegance, the Sophistication and the MOXY of our Members...  This is THE PARTY of the SUMMER to let it all hang out.  So if you are on the fence deciding whether to come or not, move the momentum button over to GO!  

Here are a list of reasons why you should show and call all of your friends to be there with you to enjoy this momentous occasion:

1.  This Dress Up Party is The Party of the YEAR. 

2. There is a LIVE BAND on the Patio. 

3. The Food is to DIE 4 (Chicken Breasts, Roast Beef, Pulled Pork, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Scalloped Potatoes, Mac n Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Chocolate everything...) 

4. Everyone attending the Black White Party is automatically on the GET IN FREE PASS next Saturday night. 

5. Members from all over the Midwest attend this annual party so you get to meet so many people that travel hundreds of miles to be part of the largest Summer Party!!! 

6.  This Event is priced ($65 per couple) just like our regular Saturday Night Party but we pull out all the GLITZ and GLAMOUR!!! 

7.  Because WE LOVE YOU and that's the only reason we need to Host this phenomenal event...

So all we need you to do is call all of your friends and join in on all the fun at this MEGA Event. This year we are adding a Charitable part of our program.  There will be 3 scheduled horse races during the evening.  You may purchase A TICKET AND SELECT A HORSE TO WIN THE RACE.  Any member who selects the winner of each race will be placed in the drawing to win a weekend in Louisville to enjoy a weekend at the horse capital of the Country.  100% OF ALL MONEY RECEIVED FROM THE TICKETS ARE BEING DONATED TO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL.  NO ONE WILL RECEIVE ANY CASH PRIZE.  THE OWNER OF THE CLUB IS DONATING THE WEEKEND TRIP TO LOUISVILLE. 

So Food, Music, Fun, Hot Sexy Members, Live Band on the Patio, Dj AYO, a Free Trip to Louisville, Keith, Billie and RK will be on hand to make our 14th Annual Black White Affair Derby Style Event to be the talk of the town...  Call Bev at 614-496-6417 and pre pay for the event.  It's quick, it's easy and the checking in at the Pre Paid Table is fast and painless...  If you have any other questions please read the event on our website...  Or call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861.

We love you and look forward to seeing all of our Members come out and enjoy the Largest Summer Party in the Midwest!!! 

Love and Kisses, 

Keith, Billie and RK

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