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Newsletter: Jan 15, 2009

Dear Members,

Many of you have called to ask if we have any snow and the answer is Heck yes we have snow and Yes we are open this weekend... This Saturday we had to turn down over 20 couples that called to book a room at the Pleasure Palace. They of course are staying at one of the many Hotels that offer Princeton discounts for our members. This Saturday night is going to be a fabulous party so forget about the snow and just pack up the car and head on over to Princeton for a really great time.

Did you know that we have a young Lady Deanna that is going to HEDO II on March 7 - 14, 2009 and will be representing Princeton in the Ms No Swimsuit Contest being held there. The Tour company handling this is Toms Tours. Here is a link.

If you and some of your friends would like to go please book your travel asap. Princeton is a sponsor this year.

This weekend is Rendezvous and our Lingerie/Pajama Party. Don't worry Ladies the Club will be very warm for you...

Then Thursday Jan 22 Kitty & RK have a massage class at the Pleasure Palace and Mark a licensed Massage Therapist will be having a couples class at 7:30 and the cost is $20 per couple. Private and Couples Massages are available before and after the Class as well as Friday at the Pleasure Palace... Cost is only $60 per one hour session.

Speaking of the Pleasure Palace last weekend and this weekend we are booked... And more of our members are calling to see if it is available. Folks the Pleasure Palace is an upscale executive home right on the river with 4 bedrooms available for Princeton Members. Plus when you book the Palace you also get VIP tickets to Princeton for the night. So if you are coming from Out of Town and are planning on staying at a Hotel, call the Club and ask for the Pleasure Palace.

Plus next week we have Kitty's Tight Ass Jean Night on Friday and Margaritaville on Saturday night...

Then Friday Feb 13 we are having a Fetish Foreplay evening and then Saturday night we are rolling out the red carpet for all of our Feb 14th Valentines Party...

All these parties have special discount prices for you, so please take advantage and save, save, save. Even the Valentines Party has a discount. So call all of your friends and party together.

The week after Valentines is our MEGA Mardi Gras Party and that party is a screamer of a good time. What women will do for beads. Hummmmm Hummmmmm Hummmmmm.

Then Kitty has a special weekend planned for you on March 6 & 7th with the Arnold Classic parties... $8000 worth of prizes and giveaways...

Then March 14th is St Patti's Day Party and what an Irish Party we put on for you. And then March 21st is the Eyes Wide Open Mask Party and this Party is all about over loading your senses... WOW!!!

So folks the party is just getting started at Princeton and we are so looking forward to seeing you and all of your friends at the Club...

Love you all and wishing you the very best,

rk & kitty

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