The Next Three Weekends...

Newsletter: Dec 11, 2017

Dear Members,

It's that time of year when we remind all of our members how important it is not to drink and drive...  Holiday Parties all throughout the month of December.  But just a few words about the following weekends Ho Ho Ho Party, Xmas Weekend & New Years Weekend...

December 14 - Three Way Thursday - OPEN

December 15 - Night 2 Remember - White Shirt Party - OPEN

                       Fetish Foreplay Xmas Party - 2nd Floor - OPEN

December 16 - Ho Ho Ho Xmas Party - OPEN

                       December Birthdays & After Hours Party - OPEN

December 17 - Always Sexy Sunday - OPEN

December 21 - Three Way Thursdays - OPEN

December 22 - Fun & Fantastic Friday - OPEN

December 23 - Christmas Sweater - OPEN

                       Christmas Onesie - OPEN

December 24 - CLOSED

December 28 - Three Way Thursday - OPEN

December 29 - Fantasy Friday - OPEN

December 30 - Saturday PRE NYE - OPEN

December 31 - Sunday NYE - OPEN

Yes are OPEN all weekend long for a WILD NYE WEEKEND...

As we have mentioned for over 15 years New Years Eve is a DRESSUP Party.  So Men we expect a little creativity in your selection... If you want to wear JEANS, there is a NYE JEANS extra Fee that we will donate to the Foodbank... But to stay in our good graces Men, dress it up. Now Ladies we want you to kick it up a notch just like you normally do.  A Dress, Pantsuit, Formal wear.  Princeton will be turned into an Magical Paradise.  Bring the New Year in with your Princeton Family.  Dinner, Dancing, Desserts to die 4, Champagne, Breakfast after 1am and over 500 of your closest friends!!!

The NYE Party is very reasonably priced.  Couples can come to the Party for $99.  That's Dinner, Dancing, Desserts, DJ downstairs, LIVE BAND up at the VIP Club.  The entire Club is open, 4 bars, 15 TVs all showing the celebration in New York and around the world, Champagne donated by a member of the Club, breakfast served after 1am.  We will have shuttle service but remember ordering a taxi or uber will get you to the club a little faster...  Prepaid Members will come to the Patio area where RK will whisk you through our security checkpoint and onto the FUN areas.

Did we say FOOD...  Yes we will be serving Roast Beef, Chicken Breasts, Pork, Shrimp, Lobster, Scalloped potatoes, Cheesy Macaroni, Veggies, Fruit, Desserts to die 4, Breakfast at 1am and Champagne (donated by a Member)...

So your entertainment for the evening is DJ AYO on the Main Floor and a LIVE BAND upstairs on the second floor.  If you want to know where is the best Lifestyle NYE Party look no further than Princeton... We are expecting over 500 of our Members will be in attendance at Princeton because where else can you expect Dinner, Dancing on two floors, Desserts at the BIGGEST Club in the Midwest (25,000sf includes our private patio) for a price out of this world $99 per couple...  Nobody does it Bigger or Better than Princeton...  And as most of you know, The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

There are only 85 VIP Couple seats and half of them are already sold.  Call Bev 614-496-6417.  Regular Price Pre Paid Members or VIP Prepaid Members will use the Patio entrance for your ease and comfort...

See you at the Largest Lifestyle Party in the Midwest...  We are expecting over 500 to attend the NYE Party!!!

Call our Hotline 614-496-6417 and make reservations for the NYE Party.  Pre Pay and breeze through our checkin... $99 per couple or $149 VIP Reverved Seating per couple.  Bring in the New Year at the Biggest Lifestyle Party in the Midwest... 

Call all of your friends and make NYE a Party to remember!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK, Keith, Billie and the entire Princeton Staff

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