New Year's Eve Announcements

Newsletter: Nov 30, 2008

Hey Y’All,
We want to thank All our Members that came to the Charity Ball this past Saturday and helped Battered Women and Children have a Happy Holiday Season. I am so proud to be a part of such a Great Group of People. We had two tables full of Gifts and one member bought $150 worth of raffle tickets. To say that the Bandit Show, Live at Princeton Radio Broadcast was a Success would be an understatement. One of the Winners of the Raffle shared her repeated, abusive experience of being locked in a closet for 2-3 days at a time. She said that it happened when she was much younger and that she felt that her life had come full circle by now donating money for others that are currently experiencing what she had in her distant past. When asked how she had the will not to kill the person that abused her so badly, she said that the person was now in prison for life with no parole. We want to thank Milky, Mr. Bandit and Ms. Kitty for their time and efforts of a 5 state tour for charity to such a worthwhile cause. There will be lots of Women and Children who will have a happier, healthier Holiday Season because of their effort. Our hats off to you folks.

Please check out our Event for the upcoming weekend. And for all of those that want to keep some change in your pocket, we are offering a $10 per person total party fee if a Current Club Member (yes, All Out of Town Members are considered Current) brings a Couple or Single Female that has never been to the club before. It’s a great way to share your favorite club with those you love.

**************New Year’s Bulletin***********************************
Tonight is Princeton's Party of the Year!!! We'll be Flying You to the Moon so you can Play Among the Stars… Climb on Board the Princeton Pleasure Rocket Ship so you can experience the Thrills and Chills at the Party of the Year. Departure time is 8pm and we'll have you back on planet Earth at 6am. And for all our Princeton Club Cosmonauts that like to go where no Woman or Man has gone before, we have some new territory for you to explore.
We've added 20 New Private Rooms, a Dance Stage w/Stripper Pole and lots of space to play with your Princeton Pleasure Pals. Folks we are expecting 500-700 people to bring the New Year in with and we hope that you sign up before December 15 to take advantage of the Hotel discounts and Princeton Club Passes.
Our goal this night is for everyone to have a healthy, happy and safe NYE and keep some change in your pocket doing it (pun intended).
The Club will have 4 bars open and we are expecting 500-700 people for this unbelievable event!!! Please make your reservation as early as possible because this event may be SOLD OUT!!!
Tonight the Princeton Space Shuttle is taking everyone to the Moon but Kitty says this Rocket Ship may even go as far as Jupiter or Mars.
Club Packages:
Standard Pass/$125,
VIP Pass/$150 per Couple,
Standard Single Female Pass $30/VIP $50,
Escorted Single Male Standard Pass $150/VIP $200.
All VIP Passes include VIP Bartender Service & Dance Floor Seating as well as access to the VIP Room throughout the party. Add $25 per Pass if purchased after 9:30pm on NYE.
Hotel Packages: Standard /$125, VIP/$150-$200 (room Spas and Apartment accommodations) Both packages include: Continuous, Free Shuttle Service to and from the Club (8pm-5:30am), Free Breakfast, Free Parking & 2 Passes to the Hotel NYE Meet & Greet (3-5pm). December 15 Reservation Deadline for the above discounted rates. You must book your reservations through the Princeton Club website to take advantage of the discounts listed above
All your NYE Count-Down Space Gear will be on hand as we meet on the main dance floor for the Midnight Confetti Blast-Off.
See ya on the Dance Floor,
Kitty and RK

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