A Monumental Moment

Newsletter: Aug 16, 2017

Dear Members,

Well we have so many milestones to share...  Today we have reached a level of readership never before attained.  There are over 18,000 members that receive our Newsletter every week and over 5300 members who also receive our Fan Club Mail and comments...  Over 23,000 readers and GROWING... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

And we are sooooo Thankful for all of our Members who live far and wide and those just up the road a piece...  Yes we mean you, each and everyone of you.  We are so appreciative of your Love and Support and the kindness you show to your fellow members.  It's that Love and Sharing we are focusing in on.  Last week about 100 new people joined the ranks of our wonderful Club and our staff welcomed them with open arms.  Almost 500 attended the Famous Black White Party and what made this party stand out head and shoulders above the others was watching the more seasoned members taking the time to help the newer members...  Yes, the bonds of friendship you will make as we walk down the path of socializing with others...

All night long we heard from our members that they noticed the improvements to the Club, The Stage, New Lights, The Décor, The New Patio additions, the New Staff Attire.  Yes we will continue to upgrade all areas of the facility including our desire to revamp the second floor which is the newest work in progress. 

Over the next few months there will be more additions and changes to the décor as we head into the peak of our season.  So be on the lookout for the unusual.. The Paranormal.  The Outer Limits of your imagination... 

There are some wonderful parties heading your way with New Hosts, New Events and Experiences... Be sure to tell all your friends on social media where they can meet you...

This week at the Club we have:

Threeway Thursdays...  Always a crowd pleaser...

Then Friday we have Two Events...  A Yahoo, Facebook, Snapchat MEET N GREET...  There are special discounts on our social media sites so cash in on saving some money...

Up at the VIP Club you will find Fetish Foreplay Fridays...  Yes Guilty Pleasures is here and you don't want to miss seeing them in action...  Got Fetish??? 

Then Saturday Night we also have a DOUBLEHEADER...

If you came to the famous Black White Party then you have a FREE PASS to come to the 1500 Party held on the Main Floor...  All you have to do is get to the Club before 9pm. Your Name will be on the FREE PASS list.  That's it.  The Party is FREE for all those that attended the Black White.  Last year 120 people got in FREE.

For those of you that didn't come to the Black White, don't worry just come on down and enjoy the facility.  The 1500 Party is a BLAST!!!  Lots of food and fun!!!  And yes we are open til 5am...

Upstairs at the VIP Club we are having a second night of Fetish Indulgence...  Yes Guilty Pleasures will be here again bringing a quality fetish experience.  So for those coming to the 1500 Party the upstairs will be open.  There is a small upcharge to enjoy both parties...  That means you can roam both floors and enjoy both Patios...  It's like a DOUBLEMINT commercial.

Then Sunday we have Always Sexy Sunday... So what are you waiting for... Call all of your friends and come on down to Princeton and enjoy a wonderful weekend with your New and Old Friends @ Princeton... 

September is right around the corner and the Famous Luau is scheduled for September 16th... Mark your calendars... Our Anniversary is scheduled September 30... And beginning October 2 the Club is being turned in a haunted house...  Yes a very scary place to be... All month long we will have lots of scary things to show you...  Our Halloween party is October 28th.

The Club on October 31st which is a Tuesday is available for RENT if you and a few hundred of your friends want to partake.  Yes you can rent the Club for your very own event.  Just call the Hotline 614-275-9861 and speak with Keith. 

There is a lot happening at Princeton, so be sure to get in on all the action and stay in touch through our social media sites. 

Nobody does it Bigger or Better!!!  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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