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Newsletter: Aug 01, 2017

Dear Members,

News Flash...  Princeton is the Number 1 Club in the Midwest for a Reason.  And that Reason is YOU!!!

July is now behind us and August is here, along with it comes a lot of excitement! We are still seeing record numbers of new members every weekend and we want you, our members to know that we appreciate you and your love of Club Princeton. We simply couldn’t do it without you.

August means many things at Club Princeton. The first of which is of course, the famed formal party, The Black and White Affair. We are excited to see all of you in your gala wear and sexy attire for this extravagant annual event. Don’t forget, it is just around the corner, the doors open at 8pm on August 12th for the Black and White affair. Make sure to check out the patio area (which is being worked on daily) while you are at the club for the party! We have put a lot of time, work and energy into it and there is more going on before the 12th to make it is top notch for you! We will have the hot tub open and a live band for your enjoyment, make sure to check out the newly renovated outdoor spaces!

Who LOVE being invited to a FREE event.  Well once a year we Host the Famous Dress Up Party called the Black White Affair.  And everyone that comes to that Party received a FREE GIFT.  Yes a FREE Gift.  Everyone coming to the Black White Party is placed on the FREE Guest List for the Saturday Night August 19 Party called THE 1500 PARTY.  It's our way saying how Grateful we are.  How Thankful we are.  And how much we Love and Appreciate each and everyone of our Members. 

Whose coming to the Black White Party?  Well everyone that wants to be seen, mingle with the Sexiest, fun loving, Party Animals this side of the Pecos.  And we are not kidding.  Everyone who has ever been to a Black White Party knows we have so much FOOD.  This year the Menu is Roast Beef, Chicken Breasts, BBQ Pork, Shrimp, Lobster, Scalloped potatoes, Rice, Mac n Cheese, loads of Veggies, So much Fruit, Chocolate Desserts and enough BODY SHOTS to fill a Tank...  Top it off DJ AYO will be on the boards...  Mike Roberts and his Band will be on the Patio and if you really want to Party the FOAM Machine is ready and willing... Everyone dresses up in something Black or White or a Combo...  This is a Dress Up Party so no Jeans...  Strict Dress Code!!!  But don't forget your automatically put on the Guest List for the following Saturday night...  And if you want a FREE Photo just go to the Social Media Room where one of our in House photographers will be there to take your pic and send it to your email, right on the spot...  Oh and if you don't want to drive just stay at one of the Hotels on Jackpot road and our FREE Shuttle will take care of that... 

Remember if you want to Reserve VIP seats for The Black and White Party,  just call Bev at 614-496-6417 to guarantee your seats, they always sell out. Please note that the online reservation system on the website is not being utilized at this time and any reservation made through the website is not a guaranteed reservation. We do have only a limited number of VIP seats left for the party. 

The staff is working hard to make sure every aspect of Club Princeton is ready for the Black and White party, from management to housekeeping, everyone is working overtime to make sure we have the club in stellar condition for you and to make sure all the updates are complete before the 12th of August. When you see them, make sure to let them know you appreciate all of the hard work they have put in! Some of our amazing members have pitched in too, we really appreciate how much you all love Club Princeton.

Don’t forget, if you attend the Black and White party on August 12th, you will receive free admission to the 1500 party on August 19th. That means you can enjoy two Saturday parties for just $65! Make sure to take advantage of this savings, it only happens once a year!

Remember to call the hotline at 614-275-9861 and speak with Keith to plan your birthday, anniversary or other celebration/events at Club Princeton! Your membership has perks, use them!

Members, with all of the new faces coming in each weekend, we ask that you remember what it was like when you started coming and please, take a moment to greet new members, introduce yourselves and help make them feel welcome, they will appreciate it and we will too!

Thank you for your continued support of Club Princeton!  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

Keith, RK and The Entire Princeton Family


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