Birthdays, Black n White and Bally Ho

Newsletter: Jul 21, 2017

Dear Members,

Well if you haven't been to Princeton in a while there is something that seems to be steamrolling... Birthdays, Birthdays, and More Birthdays...  Everyone is coming to Princeton to celebrate something and more and more of our Members are figuring it out...  Princeton is Birthday Heaven.  And the Big Reason... Because we really do care about you and we Love, Love, Love to make it a Birthday for you and your friends to remember...  So don't be shy, go to our website and on the right hand side click on "Host Your Next Party Here".  Yes that's where everyone goes to sign up for a Special Occasion...  You fill out the information on your Birthday, or that Special Occasion. You can order up balloons, cake, ice cream, a special song, and a special Lap Dance... Yes we want you to have a Table and chairs... In fact once we hear from you, when you send in the form online, we create an Invitation card that you can send to all your favorite friends and they get a Big Fat Discount for bringing the Invitation card with them... 

TOO EASY...  Does it cost a pile of money... Of course not.  So what are you waiting for...  Let's see who is going to celebrate in our favorite club, with balloons, ice cream, cake, your friends, your favorite song and a hot and sexy lap dance...SIGN ME UP!!!

Keith and the Princeton Help Squad are busy working on the Patios getting ready for THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER....  THE BLACK WHITE AFFAIR.  

Save the Date------ August 12th.  Yes everyone is coming to the Black White Affair in their most decked out Black or White or a combination Black White Outfits.  Ladies you know how to dress up so this year please make sure your man or significant other is also wearing the very best threads... It's a DRESS UP PARTY!!!.

This year we have Mike Roberts and his Magic Musical Band playing out on the Patio.  Mike was here last year and slayed it in front of hundreds of members.  Even RK got on stage and made some incredible dance moves haha...  Kidding aside , call all of your friends and make sure everyoneis coming to the Big, the Bad and the Best Party of the Summer...

Food Galore, Chicken breasts, Roast Beef, Shrimp, Lobster, Scalloped potatoes, Mac n Cheese, Green beans,  so many veggies, desserts to die for, fruit, strawberries, chocolate everywhere, jello shots, and if you really beg and plead the FOAM MACHINE IS AVAILABLE...

The Price for the Biggest Event of the Summer is only $65 per couple.  Yes that's right RK lost is marbles several years ago and said we are going to have the Biggest Party in the Midwest and the price is staying the same as are regular every Saturday Night event.  So that's the way it is...

So the Biggest Party of the Summer has the most unbelievable deal that is not offered at any time but at the Black White Party in August.  Sign up and come to the Black White and we will give you a FREE TICKET TO THE 1500 PARTY SATURDAY AUGUST 19.  This is no joke.  This is for real.  You come and pay $65 per couple to the Black White event and we will include a free ticket to the following weeks Saturday Night Party.  That's two for one.  Do you get it???

Last year we sold out the event.  This year we are expecting 500 people.  Yes we are limiting the event to only 500 people again this year.  So if you don't make plans right now, well we might not have room for you and that would be so sad.  We love this party and we love to throw this party and make it an event that everyone talks about all year long. 

Couples - $65

Ladies - $20

Single Men - $100 (You must get pre approved, call the Hot line 614-275-9861)

VIP Couples - $95 - Reserved Dance Floor tables- Only 65 Couples - Call Bev 614-496-6417 and Pre Pay

Bally Ho- The numbers are in and for the first two quarters of the year our Princeton Members are coming out in droves and we are plus 11.4% over last year.  More Members are coming and More New Members are finding Princeton because you are talking about how wonderful the Club is...  So Bally Ho to you and all the members that continue to come and enjoy the Club...  We have added some really nice staffers and everyone knows, Princeton is known for its WONDERFUL STAFF.  Because we really care.

See you this weekend and look forward to seeing you for the Black White.  By the way, a couple that use to Host at Princeton will be here this Friday night RJ and Tammy.  They live out of State but are here for a short visit.  RJ and Tammy Hosted Parties and were the original creators of the Black White.  So come on out tonight and meet RJ and Tammy...

We love you and appreciate you.  The Night Belongs to Princeton.  Nobody does it Bigger or Better!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Staff

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