Princeton Biggest Winners

Newsletter: Nov 16, 2008

At the Club V Parties this weekend at the Princeton Club many members asked what the "Princeton Biggest Winner" program was all about.

It's quite simple. Club V and Princeton are committed to our membership. We believe that the healthier we are the better we can handle everyday living and stress in our lives.

Eating fresh healthy foods, reducing sugar in our diet and moderate (sexual) exercise will help us all reduce unwanted fat, reduce serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, reduce heart disease, and help our overall mental attitude and self confidence.

Throughout my personal life people have come up to me and said, Gee, RK, you never have to diet, do you? And I always answer them the same. I make healthy choices at every meal. When I have to eat out, I make sure that fried foods, breaded meats, french fries and soda are never a consideration to be eaten. These types of prepared foods are the main reason 50% of all Americans are at least 25 lbs over weight. And while 25 lbs doesn't sound like a lot, just consider this for one minute. Take two ankle weights that are 12 lbs each and strap those to your ankles when you wake up in the morning. And do not take them off until the next morning. You will not be able to stand it. Well your body feels the same. The strain on your body is so severe that the body has to begin to over compensate, not only for the added weight, but the extra blood needed to keep those cells and tissue alive. So the heart must pump more often in order to keep your body alive. With more blood pumping the body is also getting signaled to eat more to make sure the body has enough to live on, so we normally eat larger portions and quite often those include starches such as potatoes, potato chips (salt) bread, cakes,etc. But with more food consumed and more blood being pumped that also means your body needs more water to nourish the cells. More water often comes in the form of sodas that we drink to quench our bodies need for more water. But that also means more work for the kidneys.

It's kind of like sitting in a car in park and the engine is idling at it's normal 1200 rpms. you know the car is programmed to idle at a safe speed. But then you get a heavy foot and begin to press down on the accelerator at 25 times more than it was programmed for. Well for a short period of time the car will operate but if you keep that heavy foot pressed all the way to the floor for very long certain things begin to happen. The car will start to overheat, the engine will not be able to cool itself just sitting there, the oil will break down, the hoses will expand and something is going to break, we just don't know for sure what part will fail. And once one part fails it may lead to other parts breaking and in short order the motor is gone.

We are your lifestyle partners. We care about you. We love you and we want you to be around for a long time enjoying your family, friends and your fun side. Princeton Biggest Winners are all of us. This is a Body Sculpting Class. ON December 12th you will get this fabulous book called the Six Week Body Makeover and we will begin to plan out a healthy lifestyle formula. The author of this program has a 15 to 18 minute workout session a couple of times a week. We want to change that up. We want all of the participants in the class to actually have sex three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per session. If you want to make those sessions longer, fine. But we don't want anyone missing a session.

All of us will see the weekly transformation and believe me folks, within the first week you will actually have to put on clothing that is at least one size smaller. That's the first week alone.

So what's not to like about having sex three times per week, eating more meals, healthier meals, and lose all the unnecessary fat throughout your body... And as an added bonus, Club V and Princeton will recognize you by providing a years FREE membership and a serious 50% discount on all of the parties for 6 months.

This is all about you. Sign up for Princeton's Biggest Winners because you are worth everything to us.

See you December 12th...

We love each and everyone of you.

rk & kitty

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