April is fading away...and Spring Cleaning is here

Newsletter: Apr 26, 2017

Dear Members,

Yes it has been a memorable April and now that most of the cold weather is behind us we are turning our attention to Spring Cleaning on our Patios and making way for all the Beach Parties we have planned from May through August...  Yes warm weather is here and we are all hot, hot, hot...

This Thursday we are planning a wonderful Three way Thursday party in honor of one of Princeton's most loyal and loving Staffers.  Kenny is taking some time off for health reasons and we are honoring him and his wonderful service to our members and the Club. So take a moment to stop by the Club and give Kenny a big hug of appreciation...  So don't be shy... Kenny and Rachel have been coming to Princeton as long as I have and that's 14 years.

This week at the Club...

Threeway Thursday will be flooded with members and we want to thank Kenny and Rachel for hosting this party since its inception...  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

On Friday we have a Fudge Party along with a new game called Billie Says on the Main Floor.  We also have Open Hearts with Rose hosting her Poly group also on the Main Floor.  And up at the VIP Club we have Debra Shade and Adult Access...

Then Saturday Night we have a White Glow Party , so be sure to wear something white that pops under the black lights, plus we have our After Hours Party scheduled from Midnight to 5am...  Lots of fun for everyone!!!

Sunday is Always Sexy Sunday and this week we have a Pool Tournament scheduled...  So call all your friends and tell them you are playing at Princeton all weekend long.

Remember we are looking for Amateur Strippers both women and men for our up and coming Magic Misty and Mike Nights.  Amateur stripping at its best... Yes all you Amateur strippers get to keep the loot that members give you...  Plus we are looking for musicians who want to play once a month up at the VIP Club,,,  Live Music plus open mic for musicians and singers...  Details to follow... Call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861 and speak to Keith to either volunteer for Spring Cleaning or your desire to join our Amateur Strippers or Musicians...  There is a lot going on at Princeton and we want you to be a part of the growing family of friends...

Nobody does it Bigger or Better...  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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