March Madness and Spring

Newsletter: Mar 28, 2017

Dear Members,

Thank you so much to all of our Members who visited us this past weekend and lit up the Club with your Thousand Lights... It was Birthday Madness as so many members celebrated their birthday with us...  This week some of our volunteers are working on the Patio cleaning and rearranging from our winter season...  So if you have a few hours there is always a project at Princeton.  Call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861 and speak to Keith...

Onward to Magic Mike Night and Live @ Princeton.  We are interested in bringing two new monthly parties to Princeton. 

Magic Mike Night is our version of Amateur Stripper Night where men and women members can pick their favorite bump and grind song and strut their bodies throughout the crowd.  Yes, the crowd will be screaming your name and stuffing money all over your body...  Call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861 and Sign up for Magic Mike Night...

Or maybe you are an accomplished musician/singer with a passion to share your talents with our members...  We want to Host a Monthly Live @ Princeton Party with our own home grown group of musicians that take the stage and turn it into a song fest of your favorite Number 1 Hits...  Call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861 and Let's Get this Party Started monthly at Princeton!!!

This Thursday at Princeton we have Rachel and Kenny Hosting Three Way Thursday.  This Party is so much fun and it is always a Sexy Okie Night...

Then Friday we have real smorgasbord of parties... 

Up at the VIP Club we have Swing University bringing you another night of Pure Pleasure...  April and Aj are your Hosts... 

Downstairs at the Main Event there are Three Parties...  Rose and her Poly Group Open Hearts are here again and the Polys Love, Love Love Princeton...

Plus the Hot Wives Club will be at Princeton with all those Hot Sexy Wives looking for Good Looking well groomed men Hosted by K & C!!!

And to top off Friday we have Twisted Twister making an appearance...  If you haven't played this game in awhile, you might want to limber up because it is one convoluted mass of humanity...  The Princeton Sexy Hosts will be leading the way with Twisted Twister!!!

Saturday Night a double header...  Up at the VIP Club we have Spring Break Cruise In with the Roundabouts...  You know us... We are that crazy group that comes to Princeton once a month and Partees up on the second floor.  Always a Fun Time at this party...

While downstairs we are celebrating April 1st with a twist as we write the IRS and tell them we are cancelling our subscription...  Come on out and enjoy a few April fools jokes and plenty of shots as we celebrate Spring with plenty of party punch...  It will be flowing this Saturday night... And can you say Rk's After Hours Party til 5am...  Yes our Members love that the Club is open on Saturday Night til 5am every weekend...  So if you want to dance the night away, call all your friends and make Princeton the go to PARTY CENTRAL!!!

Finally to close the Weekend we have a Sexy Sunday Party this week centered around the POLE...  It's a Pole Contest...  So Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines and practice, practice, practice at Princeton this weekend for the Sexy Sunday Pole Contest... Yes it is a Monthly ritual at Princeton.  Hosted by Lady K and Brucele!!!

So NINE Parties at Princeton this weekend...  Something for everyone.  Nobody does it Bigger or Better!!! The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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