Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dishes

Newsletter: Mar 23, 2017

Dear Members,

Spring is in the air at least somewhere and this weekend will be warmer than it's been lately.  Last weekend we had such a wonderful time with all the new members that decided to come out.  Just so all of us are on the same page there were 773 total members that came out last weekend to enjoy St Pattis day with us and there were 105 New Members.  A New Member is someone that has never been to Princeton before.  Ever!.  That's HUGE!!!  There are 105 bodies walking around this planet that have not quite touched the ground yet.  We hope you remember to pinch yourselves and do it all over again this weekend...

Because this weekend should be FANTASTIC!!!  If you have not heard, Billie is celebrating her Birthday at Princeton and you know what that means...  Hot Sexy Scantily Clad Ladies will be coming to Princeton to celebrate with her and all the Princeton Men said AMEN!!!  We can't hear YOU...  Can you spell that out for Me...  Okay for you New Members and some of our Oldsters here is what to expect...  Billie this little Hot Blonde with the Boisterous Potty Mouth, wearing virtually nothing on will be going around giving away Birthday Jello Shots that she personally made in her Rachel Ray Kitchen.  You the recipient will say, Happy Birthday Billie, you sure do look mighty fine tonight... To Wit she will say she didn't have a thing to wear, so she decided to wear nothin butt net...  So by the time she starts to mossy on by you to stock her next victim, you are busy trying to roll that tongue back in your mouth and stop drooling...  Billie is something else.  She has the same effect on both women and men...

So if you want to keep your place in heaven, we suggest that you call all your friends and make Princeton your go to place this weekend and wish Billie a Very Happy Birthday...  Oh yes, did we mention the party Saturday night is a Nothin Butt Net Party...    Yeah... It is.  And we don't mean the kind of net you throw over your head...  We are talking legs, thighs and torso...  So Ladies start those engines and be sure to bring a few sets of outfits... It's going to be very HOT at Princeton this weekend...  That's all weekend long!!!

So for the Lineup...

This Thursday we have a new DJ bringing you the tunes at the Three Way Thursday Party Hosted by Rachel and Kenny...  Yes Thursday is the New Friday and lots of our Members are starting their weekend off on Thursdays...  Average Crowd size for Thursdays is 65-80 members...  Lets start pushing those numbers over the century mark...  We can do it.  We want to do it because we can Just Do It!!!  So Do It!!! Make it So!!!  Okay you Nike and Trekie fans I plugged for you...

Then Friday we have a mixed bag.  We have on one hand the Tight Ass Jean Party and in the other hand we have Hot Fudge...  Hummmmmmm.  So what are we suppose to do.  Well it means that several of our Ladies are going to be sans tight ass jeans when they hop up on the Body Shot Table and have several of their surrogates licking the Hot Fudge off their bodies...  You know how erotic that is...  Makes me Shiver and will make you shiver too!!!  Don't miss that Party...  Billie will be just warming up those vocals on Friday...

Of course onto Saturday Night and the Main Event.  In this corner weighing in at 120 lbs, 5' 6", and sporting her Birthday suit is Pillow Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk Billie!!!  Her Opponents... Lapping up every word she lands... The Rest of the Club...  Billies Birthday is a National Event.  People from all over the Midwest will be coming.  The Party is Nothin Butt Net...  And of course you don't want to miss the Famous RK After Hours Party from Midnight til 5am.

Rolling over to Sunday is the New and Improved Always Sexy Sunday with Lady K and Brucele...  This weekend it is a Pool Tournament.  Yes bring your Sticks and Balls in hand and make sure you bring several friends.  Lady K will have some special food and snacks on hand...  There are prizes for those hustlers that make it to Princeton. 

All in All it will be a very entertaining weekend...  And we hope that all 105 New Members who attended last weekend come on down and make it two weekends in a row...  Yes we want you to come back and enjoy yourselves even more than last weekend.  So if you think St Pattis was wild, just remember it's Billie's Birthday Bash...

Thank you for making Princeton the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest... Nobody does it Bigger or Better!!!  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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