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Newsletter: Mar 20, 2017

Dear Members,

Can you say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... Well the Club wants to say Thank you to all of our Members who came out and  made St Patti's Weekend the Best Irish Weekend...  620 Members Strong.  Princeton Strong... And our Members felt the Energy.  Solid, Powerful, Exciting, Exhilarating, Charming, Loving and Orgasmic Energy flowing through the Club.  Yes you were a part of a Great Weekend Experience...  And We Thank You for making Princeton the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.

Look Around... There are More Fan Club Members (5050) than ever before... More Active Club Members than ever before...  More than 18,000 active and expired Members receive and read the weekly Newsletter... We have More New Members joining the Club every month than ever before...  There is More Electrifying Energy than ever before... WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!!!

It All Means that our Members are happier than ever.  That the Club is cleaner, fresher and more innovative than ever before.  That the Staff and Management team are together working better than ever before.  That the changes we have made inside the facility are working better making our members feel more at home.  And our Members are visiting and enjoying themselves more than ever before... And the Club wants to grow with you. 

We want to incorporate new innovative parties with fresh new approaches to our planned nightly events.   We are thinking about opening up with a New Sexy Sporting Night, Meet our Hot Sexy Princeton Girls Event, Amateur Stripper Night, Live Music up at the VIP Club, Our Beach Club Concept with volleyball, Cabanas, fire pits all open during the day from late spring up til early fall...  There is no shortage of energy at Princeton and we are working every day to bring you the very best.  If you have an idea, suggestion, comment or want to volunteer your help on some of the projects we have planned, just call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861 or email us at RK@clubprinceton.com.  We are listening and completing projects all the time!!!

This week we are catching our breath...

Rachel and Kenny are Hosting Three Way Thursday bringing you a classy, laidback atmosphere with a fresh face DJing and providing our Sexy Okie...

Friday we have a double header with Hot Fudge leading the way followed by Tight Ass Jeans close behind...  And Ladies we do mean TIGHT ASS JEANS. 

Saturday Night we have Nothing BUTT Net, so Ladies if you are into that fishnet look, this is a party for you.  There is nothing better than a pair of fishnet lingerie tightly clad to your bodies... SEXY AND SOPHISTICATED!!!  Plus your favorite weekend party is RK's After Hours Event... Starts at Midnight and runs through 5am...  Only $40 per couple.  What's not to love about a Late Night Get your Sexy On Party...

And yes these are the names of some of our Newest Innovative Parties... SEXY AND SOPHISTICATED - and the other newest party is  GET YOUR SEXY ON PARTY... Learn more when we upload these firecrackers... In April... 

Again a BIG THANK YOU for all your Love and Support.  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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