Good Grief Charlie Brown...

Newsletter: Nov 08, 2008

Folks can you say melt in your mouth...

Last night we had such a wonderful member who is a Foot Master come to Princeton for our First Friday Foot Fetish Night and what a night it was...

You cannot believe how many single women there were at last night's party. And they all wanted their feet massaged plus the dance floor was filled with all these single ladies working the dance pole. Another unbelieveable Friday... And to top it off, The Club V Party let couples in before 9:30 for only $10 each. WOW. And Single Ladies were FREE. Double WOW!

December's Foot Fetish Party Hosted by Club V and RK is also going to have Strip Pole Instruction as well. So what's not to like about that. Feet Worshipped and your Body Worshiped on the Dance Floor. There were a 100 hot bodies dancing in the Club last night, but we don't want to stop there.

Thanks for coming on out last night and we look forward to seeing you tonight.

But mark these dates...Dec 12th is the next foot Fetish event...

Do you know what's happening November 22

We are going to have a bunch of Dominatrix's at Princeton with a Special 4,000sf area ready for our members to watch the action. Folks it is happening at Club V parties... These Dom's of Ohio are going to set up some equipment and show you how it works. You know, how it all works when men are dominated. When men are shown what is expected of them and how they should be treating their Ladies.

Ladies, if I were you, I'd be at the First Leather, Lace and Chains Party just to see what we're talking about. Then each month or two we are going to bring in more Dom's and more equipment and pretty soon those men of ours are going to be performing better than ever. You know...the chores. Get the groceries, make the beds, clean the house, wash the cars, do the laundry, help the kids do their homework, and if there is any time left over I'll spend a few minutes reminding you what you need to do next.

Ladies it's all about us. So marshall all the Ladies you know and get in on the action at the next Club V Party held at Princeton. Of course if you know of A Dominatrix in your area and want them to appear, all you have to do is have them call the Club 614-275-9861 and ask for rk. We want as many Dom's at the Club to take care of those Naughty little boys of ours. I think we'll start calling all of our men, Charlie Brown... You know the cartoon character that always wants to be dominated.

Love and Kisses,


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