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Newsletter: Mar 02, 2017

Dear Members,

There are so many new changes at Princeton it sometimes feels we are repeating ourselves too much but we do want everyone in the know...

Dress Code - Princeton is divided into two specific time zones...  Mid September (The Luau Party) - and Memorial Weekend.  This period of time is known as Dress to Impress...  We expect our members to dress accordingly.  When in doubt always dress it up.  Business Casual.  For you Ladies, you are so much more in tune.  You are always dressed to impress.

Summer Dress - June 1st - Mid September is Summer Dress.  Business Casual is the standard, however the Club is more relaxed and will allow our members to come dressed in shorts and beach shirts...

Discounts - The Club offers discounts to just about every party.  Those discounts were normally advertised on our main website inside the language of the event.  That has changed.  The Club will still discount just about every party but the discounts are only on the Clubs social media sites...  The Club is still providing information about THE EVENTS on our main website but discounts will not be advertised on our website. 

Social Media Sites - These areas will have lots of juicy tidbits for our members, and ALL EVENT DISCOUNTS ARE ADVERTISED on our social media sites...  We are asking and encouraging our members to check the Club's Main Website for events and check social media sites for discounts...

Annual Membership - Our normal annual membership rate is still $100 per couple.  However we have been advertising for the past 6 months a Special Annual New Membership rate for Couples at $25.  This is a Special Rate and we suggest that if you are a New Member sign up and enjoy that rate while it is still active.  For tens of thousands of our Members who have expired couple memberships.  There is a Special Sunday Night Party held once a month in which you can reactivate your annual membership for only $10 per couple.  Yes, this Special is only for members whose couple memberships have expired.  And it is only once a month...  Our goal is for 5,000 of our expired members to take us up on this incredibly generous offer.

More than One Party Advertised - Just about every week the Club is advertising two or even three parties on the same day and  many of our new members don't know which party to go to or can they go to all three for the same price.  Here is the answer.  If there are two parties advertised on the Main Floor Club, our members can enjoy both of those parties for one price.  If there is another party on the second floor VIP Club that is a separate event that is frequented by a completely different set of members and is priced separately.   Members paying for the Main Event entitles them to enjoy the Main Event only.  If you want to also go to the second floor event the added cost is  $10 more per person.  This is an added benefit of maintaining your annual membership at Princeton. 

If you only want to go to the event on the second floor, you pay for only that event. No matter which event you choose, everyone coming to the Princeton Club must be a Member.  We are a Private Club, and we will always maintain our Private Club Status.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions - You will be hearing more and more about this area.  And the reason is simple.  We want our Members to not only enjoy the Club during those Special Occasions but we want to encourage you to invite your family and friends to see what on earth you have discovered over at Princeton.  Our Club has a Special Discount available for you to celebrate that Special Occasion and allows you to invite as many friends as you want with a Special FREE ONE DAY EVENT MEMBERSHIP for those friends of yours who are not members. 

This is how it works.  On the right side of the Main Website there is a section called "HOST YOUR NEXT PARTY HERE!"  Click on that area and fill out the Special Occasion form  and send it to us.  That informs the Club you want to celebrate a Special Occasion at Princeton.  We will review the party and send you back an approval which includes a PDF card that you can send to as many friends as you want.  These friends can go to our website, sign up as new members and can attend the Special Occasion Party with you.  They will pay the appropriate event fee minus $5 and the Club will give your friends who have never been to Princeton a ONE DAY FREE MEMBERSHIP.  So you and your friends can enjoy the club and you can show off your Club to them.  VIP tables will be reserved for you on a first come basis as long as the tables are available and yes you can come and bring your own food to entertain your friends for your Special Event. 

The only Exception is when the Club is having a MEGA Party and the entire Social Hall is Reserved VIP.  Otherwise Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions have precedent.

Amateur Stripper Night - You will see that the Club begin advertising for some of our Members to volunteer to be a part of Amateur Stripper Night.  This is a new event you will read about very soon for both Women and Men.  Yes Princeton will be having a monthly stripper night but only our Members will be Stripping.  The Club will be providing prizes for the member contestants and of course, the contestants will be free to roam around the social hall encouraging our members to stick dollar bills all around.  Please see Keith for Details...

The Princeton Band - The Club wants to offer a once a month Saturday Night up at the VIP Club for a Princeton Band to play from 11-2.  It's called LIVE @ PRINCETON.  And we are looking for musicians to play and rock on.  This event will be a BYOB party...  So if you are Musician, singer, wishing to participate, please see Keith and sign up for an audition.  We want to begin asap...  This event will be a $20 per person event...  Let's see what Music Princeton can cook up.

New Lifestyle Parties  - The Club is looking for established groups that want to bring their party to Princeton.  We have a limited availability for groups to book our second floor VIP Club.  This is an opportunity for your group to meet once a month in a Lifestyle friendly atmosphere.  Of course Princeton can provide not only the space but the trained staff to manage the event.  Please call the Club Hotline and book your next event at Princeton.  Call 614-275-9861.

Nobody does it Bigger or Better.  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff


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