Valentines is this Weekend

Newsletter: Feb 08, 2017

Dear Members,

It's that time of year when we take time to celebrate our annual Valentines party where hundreds of members from all across the Midwest come to Princeton to enjoy one of our favorite parties. 

Just like all the annual mega party celebrations The Luau, Our Anniversary, Halloween, the HoHoHo party,  New Year's Eve,  Valentines, Naughty Gras,  Saint Patty's,  Party like a Rockstar, Memorial Weekend,  Fourth of July and the famous Black White party...  

Princeton will be turned into a sea of red lights throughout the club. You can expect our famous Dinner, Dancing and Desserts, free photo, our shuttle service to and from the hotels on Jackpot road in Grove City. The Valentines Special Couples package is only $75.  Our VIP Special Couples package is $110.  The club will be open til 5am. 

Another special milestone will be advertised during the Valentine weekend. Beginning this weekend The club will be Advertising our discounted annual memberships,  party discounts, special appearances, body painting, live body art, model photography, erotic videography, our New Chalk Scape work on all the CLUB SOCIAL MEDIA FREE SITES. Yes you can tap into all the important special discounts just by adding those sites to your phone or laptop. 

The club website will continue to provide important event announcements but if you want to save money, find out who is coming to Princeton this weekend, renew your membership, save money on the parties, receive important clues on how to win prizes, be included in free club drawings for trips... 

Join our social media sites...  ALL CLUB SOCIAL MEDIA SITES ARE FREE...

The weekly Princeton Newsletter, the Yahoo Princeton Fan Club, Club Princeton Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SLS, SZC, SWING TOWN...

Give you an idea of what we are talking about...  in two weeks we are running a Special Annual Couple Membership. It is not $100 per year, or $50 per year not even $25 per year...  it will be priced at...  it is so special you will find it on our SOCIAL MEDIA SITES COMING NEXT WEEK. There will be a Special Party where you can renew your annual membership for less than $1 per month for our Couples. This special renew your annual membership promotion will not be found on our website. Only the our SOCIAL MEDIA SITES WE LISTED. There will be a special code. Just come to the party and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM!!!  You are the Big Winner.  No Hocus Pocus, No Marathon to run...  Just all the Club Specials, right in front of you on our Social Media Sites. 


We are setting up a special social media room with a computer for your convenience at the Club to sign up while you are at a party. Your Hosts and Management will be happy to help you. And if you want to Post a Cool Pic of your self on our New Share A Pic format you can capture the moment in our New Social Media Room and upload it to our internal Club Monitors...  Yes you can share a pic of yourself with your lifestyle friends inside the Club Only.  Pics that you upload to share on the Club Monitor are deleted at the end of the night...

So this week at Princeton we have three-way Thursday hosted by Rachel and Kenny along with Dj Ayo. 

Then Friday we have Bi Bi Birdie Party up on the second floor at the VIP Club hosted by Roxy and Happy. The Chocolate Kiss Party is on the Main Floor. 

Saturday night there is an L3 Valentines Party up on the second floor at the VIP Club with Laura Hosting and all those Lucky Luscious Ladies...

On the Main Floor Saturday Night at Princeton we will  bringing you the Famous Valentines Party and the club is open til 5am. 

Then Sunday, Always Sexy Sunday will be hosted by Lady K and Brucele. 

Call all your friends and tell them you will be partying at Princeton this weekend. 

Nobody does it Bigger or Better...  The Night belongs to Princeton!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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