It's 2017 and we are Ready...

Newsletter: Jan 05, 2017

Dear Members,

Just a few days ago we celebrated New Years with nearly 500 of our members and we all safely brought in the New Year.  We had time to recall how Thankful we are that the Club and our Members are United in making Princeton the very best Lifestyle Club. Let's make 2017 the best year ever for Princeton and our Members!!! 

Over the next few months we will be expanding our Staff so we can spend more quality time with our new members and add more Hosts to make our Members feel more at home.  More Socializing, More Fantasizing, Improved Facilities... Means More Happy Members...

The Princeton Event Page, The Princeton Fan Club, The Princeton Weekly Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, SZC, SLS, SDC, Swing Town, will all be used for our Members to receive discounts, coupons, and tips how to make your visit to Princeton a more enjoyable one with valuable information.  So if you are on these sites be sure to look for the Princeton specials...  Like this weekend...  Some of our members will be getting into the Club FREE.  Who will it be.  How could it be.  Can it be Me!!! Let's wait and just see, who gets in for FREE!!! 

This week we have a full lineup...

Thursday spells Three Way Thursday...  Last week we had almost 80 Members come out.  What's happening on Thursday. Well we can tell you, our Members just love Rachel and Kenny and Ayo...  And that's not all.  They love the crowd that is coming...

.  .

Friday we have a doubleheader with Jen bringing Chocolate...  Yes a Chocolate Event plus a Meet and Greet for our New Members...  Did you know we had 65 new members join Princeton last week and we want all of our New Members that have joined over the past 6 months to come out and enjoy the Club.  Don't wait for a Mega Party because you can actually meet so many nice members when its a regular party. 

Saturday Night we have Roundabouts meeting up at the VIP Club on the second floor and there is a Special Rate for their group...  While downstairs at the Main Floor event we have RK's Naughty General Hospital.  So what are you suppose to do.  Go get a pair of Scrubs and join in on all the fun.  Scrubs are so inexpensive... And may the Naughty Force Be With You!!!  After all being Naughty is the New being Good!!!

Sunday brings out the Sexy Sunday crowd and there is always a sports twist with Lady K and Brucele Hosting our Sunday Parties... 

So whether you come to Princeton for one event or you get to enjoy multiple events we want you to know Nobody does it Bigger or Better than Princeton.  Lest you forget... The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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