Halloween and so much more

Newsletter: Oct 06, 2016

Dear Halloweeners,

Princeton is getting ready to have a fantastic 13th Halloween Weekend Thursday through Sunday October 27, 28, 29 and 30th...


So for our Members pick one day or multiple days to act out your Fantasy no matter the flavor...

If you want to Pre Pay for the event, you may do so by calling Bev at 614-496-4617 and let her know you want to Pre Pay.  And of course get in the Pre Pay Line and pick up your wristband for the night. 

Halloween Weekend...

Thursday $35 per couple 8pm - 1am

Friday $50 per couple 8pm - 2:30

Saturday $99 per couple 8pm - 5am

Saturday After Hours $69 per couple Midnight - 5am

Sunday $35 per couple 8pm -1am

VIP Halloween

Friday Night VIP Reserved Seating $75 per couple 8pm - 2:30

Saturday Night VIP Reserved Seating $139 per couple 8pm - 5am

If you have never been to a Princeton Halloween Party you are in for trick or treat night...  Free Shuttle Service to the Hotels on Jackpot road... Food, Food, Food... Glorious Food!!!  Halloween is a costume party... ALL MEMBERS MUST COME IN a simple costume to the extreme bizzare costume.  Prizes for Best, Sexiest, Bizzare and  most outrageous... Plus other categories we cannot mention... RK will have his favorite fortune cookie outfiton  and plenty of fortune cookies are available... Fame and Fortune are awaiting you!!!

However this week we have a GREAT lineup...

Threeway Thursday is Rocking and Rolling with Rachel and Kenny Hosting and Dj Ayo at the Helm...

Friday we have Swing University upstairs at the VIP Club for a FreakOctoberfest with April and Aj Hosting their once a month Party...

Friday at the Main Floor Club we have the Hotwives Party Hosted by Billie and Keith.  We have been having wonderful turnouts for this party...

Saturday Night our L3 Ladies will be upstairs at the VIP Club having a Trick or Treat Night... 

And downstairs at the Main Floor Club we are having a Sexy Jock & Cheerleading Party with Billie and Keith Hosting...Yes it is a party where you can wear your favorite Jersey or Cheerleader Outfit.  PLus the RK After Hours Party starts at Midnight and runs til 5am...

Then Sunday we have our Very Sexy Sunday Party Hosted by Lady K and Brucele...

So what are you waiting for, call all of your friends and let them know where you are partying this weekend... Seven Parties this weekend... PIck One or all Seven!!!

Love and Kisses...  The Night Belongs to Princeton.

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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