It's an XXX Weekend at Princeton

Newsletter: Aug 25, 2016

Dear Members,

Well it's going to be a Hot time in the Ole Town Tonight...  A Busload of Hot Sexy Men and Women are coming to Columbus this weekend looking for stuff and people at the Greater Columbus Convention Center  but everyone is going to end up at Princeton.

Yes the Owner of the Exxxotica stopped by the Club yesterday and asked if they could send some people over to Princeton for a night of decadence at the VIP Club.  We said No Problem.  Plus John one of the owners over at Dream Pleasure Tours called to say that they will be at Princeton Friday and Saturday Night giving away a $250 voucher for one of their trips...Hey Single Ladies Exxxotica is FREE for you Friday NIght.  So Stop on out at the convention center and check it out and when you're done there stop on out to Princeton and bring your favorite drink and enjoy the Club...

Yes this week we have so much going on...

Thursday wouldn't be Thursday without Threeway Thursday with Rachel and Kenny and Dj Ayo...Yes Thursday is the New Friday. 

Then Friday we have a Chocolate Kiss Party and everyone knows that Friday isn't Friday without some Chocolate.  So Ladies pucker up and get those engines running cuz Chocolate is flowing at Princeton.  And Rose and Open Hearts and all of our POLY FRIENDS will have a Meet and Greet at Princeton.  Open Hearts is such a fun group to meet.

Saturday of course is  Body Painting with Sugar Ray downstairs and upstairs we have JM the Magician who is also a Mentalist.  There will be a DJ upstairs as well... 

Sunday we have BiBiBirdie upstairs with Roxy and Happy Hosting and Always Sexy Sunday with Lady K and Bruce downstairs.  The Patio will have the sporting events in HD. 

So strap on your hat and enjoy the ride.  Nobody does is Bigger or Better... And the Night Belongs to Princeton.  Labor Day Weekend is next weekend and Billie and Keith will be Hosting a Naughty School Girl Party and Jason and Tiff will be Hosting their final Saturday Night Party at the Luau September 17.  That's their final Monthly Party.  They want to Host an Annual Party at Princeton so be sure to stop on out and thank them for all the wonderful events they have put on at Princeton over the past few years... 

Time flies when you're having fun. Oh and September 24th we have a special 13th Birthday Party for Princeton.  Yes Princeton is finally a Teenager...  So the Anniversary is going to be COMPLETELY FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS WHO HAVE VISITED PRINCETON 7 OR MORE TIMES DURING YEAR.  Can you believe it.  Free, Free, Free for all our Members who have been there for Princeton.  So if you have been to Princeton 7 times this year 2016, this Party is FREE!!!  Who doesn't like a WILD ASS PARTY.  So for the members who have not been to Princeton 7 times this year, don't worry, this party is totally BAD ASS.  Last year we had 500 people at this Party. This year we could top 600 people.  The Anniversary Party is very much like the Black White Party when it comes to Food, Food, Food...  We mean Food!!!

 If you haven't noticed that Princeton is getting busier and busier each and every weekend.  More Parties with more people and more fun opportunities.  Be sure to call all your friends and tell them where you'll be this weekend.  Princeton of course!!!

Love and Kisses,

Rk and the entire Princeton Staff








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