The Sun will come out... This Weekend

Newsletter: Aug 18, 2016

Dear Members,

Just a short thank you to all the staff, volunteers, Hosts, contractors and of course our wonderful Members who worked so hard this past month making the necessary changes at the Club to better serve our membership.  And how about our fabulous MEMBERS!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  We want to thank our members for coming out and enjoying the 12th Black White Affair and making the 2016 event a spectacular spectacle!!!  458 Members attended.  Unfortunately over 75 came without reading about the event, were not properly dressed and could not attend.  So hopefully that wont happen again.  I am however looking for the two pairs of black dress pants, one white and pink tux shirt I lent out to help four guys out.  Please return my personal clothing if you could...

Now for the 458 that paid and made it into the Black White you are eligible to come to the Princeton 1400 event this Saturday on the main floor.  It is FREE for you to attend.  All you need to do is get to the club before 9pm.  That's it.  Nothing more, Nothing less.  YOU have a FREE PASS!!!  So call all your friends and  make sure they head on down to Princeton for the celebration.  Over 1400 parties held under the same ownership for 13 years.

There are so many things to talk about...  Well lets talk about this weekend...

Yes Three way Thursday is here Today! 

Friday we have the Nuts and Bolts Party

Plus up at the VIP Club we have Fetish Foreplay

Then Saturday we are celebrating the Princeton 1400 party.  All 458 Black and White attendees have a FREE Pass to come and enjoy the event.  Just get to the club before 9pm. 

Plus the Fetish Foreplay party is here again up at the VIP Cabaret Club on Saturday night.  WOW a double header of fetish...

And an After hours party is here til 5am down on the main floor...

Sunday is Always Sexy Sunday at Princeton Lady K and Bruce are all about bringing you a wonderful time.  I believe they will have some HD quality sports talk out on the Patio for those that can't live without it. 

Labor Day weekend is almost here, then the Luau Party September 17th event which is our final Good bye to Summer party and our fall, winter and spring dress code goes into effect the following weekend.  Which is our Anniversary weekend September 24th.  Its the start of our 13th year and are Officially a TWEENAGER.  Yes a Tweenager is a twisted teenager who is addicted to Princeton!!! 

So take a deep breath and enjoy the events that are winding their way towards you.  It's all about having a fun time at Princeton and sharing that fun with your Princeton friends.  We love each and everyone one of you.

No One does it Bigger or Better!  The Night Belongs to Princeton!

Love and Kisses,

Rk and the entire Princeton Staff




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