Halloween & Scarlet Fever Specials

Newsletter: Oct 23, 2008

Hey Members,

Wow, the year is going so fast and fall is already half way thru.. And we want you to know about some Special Pricing and Upcoming Parties!!!!!!!

OK, all you die hard Penn State or Buckeye Fans, we understand the game will happen this Saturday, Oct. 25 at 8pm but Ladies, let's face some facts: It is going to be RAINING and COLD. We suggest that you come to the club and watch the GAME on our projector on the dance floor, dancing and watching the game (we all know women are multi-taskers) in your Sexy Naughty Nurse Outfit, getting HOTTER watching the game while your Men are at the stadium together. And let's face it, there's nothing better than WARMING UP YOUR MAN!!!! Well, it's just a thought/fantasy/virtual realtiy episode.

Ladies, we are going to open the Club on Saturday at 7:30pm so you can get here early and take over the club until the game is over at 11:00pm. The members that want to watch the game without any naked dancing women in view and music blasting will be able to watch it on the projector in the Red Room. We'll move the sofas around so you're nice and comfy, all you have to do is ask! And the best part of this concept is the price, it's $20/couple if you get to the club by 9:30pm (and yes, if only one of you shows up, we'll honor this special) dressed in your Naughty Nurse Outfit (or bring it with you and change in the Warm Club). There's nothing HOTTER THAN WOMEN HELPING EACH OTHER GET DRESSED UP IN THEIR SEXY NAUGHTY NURSE OUTFIT.

And Friday, we'll be Spinning the Bottle and any couple that gets to the club by 9:30 can get in for $10 each. It's a Great Deal for a GREAT PARTY! Just mention the discount at the door.

Hopefully, you'll be rested up for the HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! Friday, OCTOBER 31, is the OFFICIAL HALLOWEEN PARTY and we are giving away the same prizes both Friday and Saturday: $250/First, $150/Second and $100/Third Prize for the Best COSTUME!!!! YOU MUST COME DRESSED IN COSTUME TO ATTEND EACH PARTY! And we are offering several discounts: If you arrive either Friday or Saturday before 9:30pm the cost is $59/couple, $75/single males & for our single females you can come in for FREE. After 9:30 the cost is $75/couple, $99/single males & $10/single females. And, FOR ALL THE PARTY ANIMALS THAT WISH EVERY DAY WAS HALLOWEEN, if you pre-pay for both nights it's only $99/couple. Just mention the discount at the door (and be sure and tell all your friends) and we'll help you keep some change in your pocket. We can't wait for Saturday, Nov. 1 for the First EROTIC HALLOWEEN PARTY! We've heard many first time members mention the large numbers of BEAUTIFUL PRINCETON CLUB WOMEN. We love Fashion and Beauty and Princeton Club Members have it in Spades so you can all imagine the Erotic Costumes we will get to SEE on Saturday! Leslie from Cleveland will be in Town and if you've ever met this Beauty, you'll never Forget HER: 6'1, an Award Winning Athlete and Winner of the BEST ASS in TOWN! YUM!

Make your reservations NOW and be sure and tell your friends about our parties and discounts. And Justin and Carrie, Thanks for promoting the club to your Michigan Princeton Club Pals. It sounds like the makings of a Great Halloween Weekend: Starting with a 2 Night Kitty's Pleasure Palace Pass, Princeton Club Halloween Parties w/VIP Passes for 10 Members and Sunday R&R at Kitty's. OOoooLaLa!

We hope to see you all soon.
Kitty and RK

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