Summer Bonanza Membership Giveaway

Newsletter: Jun 22, 2016

Summer Bonanza Membership Giveaway

Princeton's Active Membership over the past 6 months has been teetering at 4600-4800 Members. As of today we have 4864 active members.

Our goal is to have 10,000 active wonderfully nice, mature, intelligent members enjoying the New and Improved Princeton & VIP Cabaret Clubs.

So here are our thoughts.  We already have over 40,000 members who have been members at Princeton in the past whose membership is currently expired. Those nice, mature, intelligent members have been members at Princeton in the past and we want you to rejoin the Princeton Ranks Now. 

So to our 40,000 couple members whose membership has expired here is what we are offering. From June 21 to August 31 you can sign up for any party and pay $5 for a one year membership as a couple. Just come to the Club and tell the ticketbooth staff we have been Princeton Members in the past and our couple membership has expired and we want to come to tonights event and pay for the event and receive a one year membership for only $5 more.  It's that Simple and Easy. 

This offer is only for those existing  couple members whose membership has expired and are not on the banned list.

Folks this a dream of a Lifetime. This is an offer to encourage those nice wonderful and fun loving couples that miss the excitement of the club and the wonderful staff that makes Princeton what it is today to renew their annual membership for only $5 BUCKS!!! 

On September 1 this deal will expire. And a one year membership will cost $100.00.

This past weekend I ran into 5 couples who came back and renewed their membership from being absent 3-10 years. Yes there was a couple who hadn't been to princeton in 10 years. What a pleasant surprise.

So what is the benefit of reactivating my membership right now.

First and Foremost Princeton has been rebuilt from top to bottom. 

Second Princeton is the only lifestyle club in the country that offers two different lifestyle parties the same night in two separate club spaces.  Which means you have more variety of people to meet than any other club.

Princeton is the largest and most upscale facility in the entire Midwest 25,000 sf.

We are open 4 days a week Thursday through Sunday.

We operate a professional management staff that does not play with our members therefore we eliminate the drama at our club.

So to the 40,000 couple members whose membership needs to be renewed, do not hesitate. Renew your annual Membership valued at $100 for only $5 when you come to any Thursday through Sunday party. Remember this incredible annual membership deal is only good through August 31st and only for the couple members whose membership has expired.

We would love to see 40,000 couple members renew their membership now.

Make the Summer of 2016 the largest renewal program we have ever enjoyed in 13 years in business. Princeton already has more active members ever in the history of our club.   We already have 3 to 4 times more parties than any other club in the Midwest. And Princeton offers more lifestyle friendly parties than any club in the country.

Nobody does it bigger or better. The Night Belongs to Princeton.

Love and Kisses,

Rk and the entire Princeton Staff. 

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