Newsletter: May 31, 2016

Dear Members,

The Lineup for June is OUT OF THIS WORLD...

More Parties, More Entertainment, More Artists, More Musicians than ever before...

Every Friday & Saturday Night in the Month of June we are booked on both floors.  Both Clubs have scheduled parties.  The VIP Club upstairs and the Princeton Club on the Main Floor...  Here is the Lineup.

Thursday we have Rachel and Kenny bringing you Threeway Thursday.  Plus Ayo...

Friday we have Swing University at the VIP Club bringing you an ABC party with April and Aj Hosting.  At the Main Floor Campus at Princeton we have Billie and Keith Hosting the Hot Wives Club and Jenn and Jason Hosting the White Shirt Party.  Every month these Hosts are hitting it out of the park.  There are typically over a 100 members upstairs and about 150 downstairs on the first Friday of the month.

Then Saturday June 4th we have the SOUTHBANK BAND coming to the VIP Club upstairs and they have two top forty Country songs on the charts.  This is the start of our LIVE @ THE VIP CLUB SERIES...  That's right LIVE Music on the first Saturday of the Month upstairs...  If you just want to come and listen to music it's $40 per couple for a Saturday Night.  Of course you bring your Bottle... If there are any Members who own a business and want to be a Sponsor for the LIVE MUSIC EVENTS, please call 616-275-9861 the Club Hotline. 

At the Main Floor Campus at Princeton we are celebrating downstairs with Billie and Keith who are bringing you NAUGHTY CAMP GIRL & A Foam Party.  Can you say Very Naughty Camp Girls... Come on you Very Naughty Camp Girls there is a Foam Party as well.  And if you want to listen to the LIVE MUSIC up at the VIP Club, it's only $10 per person when you come to the NAUGHTY CAMP GIRL PARTY...  Plus we have the RK After Hours Party til 5am. 

By the way, speaking of shaking it up... We also have a Brand New Party coming to Princeton the last Saturday of the month called MUSIC, MAGIC AND MAYHEM...  So at the end of June we will have DUELING PIANOS, MAGIC BY JUSTIN AND COMEDY BY U2.  Another night of fun entertainment...  But this party doesn't start til MIDNIGHT up at the VIP Club...  This is a Late Show and I heard the Magician is making 12 Virgins disappear on stage. 

Then Sunday we have Beer Tasting at the Always Sexy Sunday Parties with Lady K and Bruce...

So mark the dates this weekend and every weekend where we bring you the Hottest and Sexiest Swingers in the Midwest   And the Best LIVE Entertainment. 

Love and Kisses...  The Night Belongs to Princeton!!! 

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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