This Week @ Princeton

Newsletter: Mar 25, 2016

Dear Members,

Things are progressing nicely at the Club... Spring is Coming and we will be working outside to spruce up the Main & VIP Patio areas... So if you would like to volunteer, please call the Club Hotline and let us know when you are available to help...  Our Volunteers are the Best!!! 

This week has just flown by and we had a wonderful turnout both Wednesday and Thursday... Yes, if you didn't know we are open Wednesday through Sunday...

This week Friday is packed with events...We have Casual Encounters on our Main Floor along with Open Hearts Meet n Greet.  Casual Encounters is a party designed for you to meet people you have never met before. So All you New Members and those that are on this site that have never been to Princeton, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people.

Plus our wonderful Poly Group Open Hearts and headed up by Rose will be with us as well.  This is a wonderful group of young adults enjoying the Adult Playground at Princeton.  Be sure to meet the many members of Open Hearts...


The Last Friday of the Month would not be complete with the VIP Club open for our Hot Hunks and Strippers... Yes each month we want to bring the Ladies up to the VIP Club to experience the Hot Hunks... And for some of the boyfriends, partners and husbands, there is a spot in our VIP Group room where a few female strippers are there to meet and entertain you as well...  So what are you waiting for... Call all of your friends and enjoy four parties throughout the Club on Friday night... 

Then Saturday we will have a few gaming tables up and it's Monte Carlo NIght...Its what you are wearing or what you are not wearing  that is the most important aspect... RK will be in his Tuxedo as it is a dress up NIght as if you stepped into Monte Carlo...  And  yes the Club After Hours Party from Midnight to 5 is always open at a reduced rate.

The week would not be complete without our Always Sexy Sunday Party.  Lady K and Bruce love to see everyone unwind from the week at their relaxed Sunday event...  So stop in with your friends and spend a relaxing evening before your week begins again...


And a New Event up at the VIP Club which will be the final Sunday Party each month is Bi Bi Birdie Hosted by Roxie and Happy... Bi Couples or Bi Curious Singles there is a monthly party, so be sure to enjoy the event.  The Night Belongs to Princeton.


We have a few Special Announcements... Next week we have NINE Parties planned.  Wicked n Wet Wednesday, Threeway Thursday, Hot Wives Club, White Shirt Party, Spring Fling Swing University up at the VIP Club, Neon CandyLand, RK's After Hours Party, the 7th Anniversary of the Glow Party with Mike up at the VIP Club and Always Sexy Sunday...


So do you think having 9 Parties this week and next is not enough.  Be on the look out for the other events that are just over the horizon... We have Club Eros coming to Princeton for Mothers Day Weekend, The Annual In Christy's Shoes event May 18th, 700 Naked Bikers might just show up the first Saturday in June, and the 4th of July weekend we have a 1000 Person Parking lot Concert with 8 Bands coming to play from Noon til 11pm, plus the Club will be open... 


We love you all and enjoy seeing your smiling faces every week. 

Love and Kisses,


RK and the entire Princeton Staff





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