Naughty Gras & Super Bowl Weekend

Newsletter: Feb 04, 2016

Dear Members,

It's that time of year again when we roll out the decadence meter to see how many members will roll up their sleeves and jump into the BEAD GAME...  Ladies the BEAD siren is calling you... Call all your friends and sound the alarm, the Club is BEAD MECCA!!!

The weekend always gets a great start with Rachel and Kenny Hosting the Three Way Thursday Party...Plus DJ Ayo is here with Sexy Oke...

The First Friday of the Month would not be the same with out Keith and Billie turning on the Hot Wives Button and all the Hot Wives said, Make my Night you Sexy Men and come on down to Princeton.  Yes the Hot Wives Club is the place to be on the first Friday night of the Month.  Plus Jason and Jen will be at the Club as well bringing you the White Shirt event called 50 Ways to Keep your Lover... Can you add to our growing list to make your relationship stronger than ever.  Well come on down and show us.  It's a Lovers Show and Tell Time.

Then Saturday we have NAUGHTY GRAS.  God I love this Party.  Just a side note.  I crossed off My Bucket List a trip one year to Rio de Janerio to celebrate Mardi Gras.  In February in the southern hemisphere they celebrate Summer so talk about HOT weather.  Mardi Gras in Brasil is something you will never see in the US.  That country has thousands of DANCE CLUBS and they practice the Mumba, Sumba, and shake that booty like you cannot believe.  It's is 24 hours of partying for a solid week.  Each DANCE CLUB has  extravagant outfits and huge head gear and everyone tries to outdo and out dance the other DANCE CLUBS.  There are from 100-300 dancers in each group.  And they parade down the streets of RIO and all the other cities.   WOW.  I'd like to bring that excitement up to Princeton.  So get all dolled up Ladies and bring that swagger with you tonight... NAUGHTY GRAS!!! My favorite. Plus the Party doesn't end til 5am.  There is no additional charge to stay late at Princeton on Saturday Night. 

Then Sunday we have a Special 6pm start.  The Super bowl Pre Game is on and Princeton has a complete dinner for you tonight...  Dinner is served at 6pm.  The game is on.  Appetizers, snacks, party favors are all here this Sunday for you.  There is no reason to sit at home by yourselves... Come on down to Princeton for "Always Sexy Sunday".  Now we are sure by now you know that ASS is the acronym  for "Always Sexy Sunday".  So when we say I love that ASS of yours, we are really saying I Love that ASS of yours and get down to the "Always Sexy Sunday" party.  I am definitely an ASS man.

So a great lineup for the weekend...  And by now we are sure you are wondering what is going on at Princeton with all these parties...  Well Princeton has figured it out.  That the more options we offer each weekend, the more participation we see from our Members.  And More Options means More Fun.  And More Fun means More Members want to be at the Club.  So ride the wave and enjoy the moment.  We got this!!!

The Night belongs to Princeton!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff.

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