It's Winer and Freaking Cold...

Newsletter: Jan 13, 2016

Dear Members,

Already sick of Winter and ready for a change of pace???  You aren't alone...

We have New Parties scheduled and this week is no exception...

Get your Big Panties On, because we have The Rocky Horror Show this Saturday Night... A couple that has wanted to Host for a long time will be in the House to bring you a Saturday night one of a kind Party... Last weekend we had 50 Members come out for our Three Way Thursday Party, 150 members who came out for the Friday Hot Wives Party, 225 for the Blackout Party and 30 who braved the weather and joined us for our Always Sexy Sunday Party...

What are you waiting for...  Over 50 New Members joined last weekend.  We reached a milestone moment.  There are more Active Members using Princeton than at any time in our 12 year history.  Over 4500 and we are focused on our overall Goal to reach 10,000 Active Members...  ON August 4th 2014 when we took over Princeton there were 1000 Active Members.  In 18 months we have added over 3500 Members.  And we are not talking about anyone.  Classy, Hot, Sexy and Fun loving couples and Singles are coming to Princeton to experience the NEW PRINCETON!!!

We have rebuilt just about every nook and cranny of the Club... But we are not finished.  We are putting the finishing touches all over the Club...  So when you think about Princeton, remember the New Main Bar, New Dance Floor, New Social Hall, New Patio, New Red Room, New VIP Club Bar, New Cabanas, New Sound System, New Light Show, New Outdoor Spas... And over 4500 Active Members, with over 3500 New Members!!! 

Haven't been to Princeton in a few years.  Don't worry.  Be Happy.  Just go to our website and pick out an event that sounds fun and call your friends and let them know where you'll be going this weekend.   We made reactivating your Annual Membership a No Brainer.  For Just $25, you can reactivate your Annual Membership for a Couple...  That's about a $1 per month per person.  You can't get a cup of coffee for a $1.  But you can invest in Princeton and get a whole lot more than a cup of coffee...  You can meet a whole new group of Members you have never met before.  And they want you to meet you too.

The information that is in our computer system still has your info...You do not have to re-apply again.  Just show up at our front door and introduce yourselves to our ticket booth staff and ask them to look up your record.  Tell our staff if you have moved, changed your email address or phone number and tell them you want the Special Annual Membership $25 per couple... 

On January 1st we set our prices for the year.  They are the same as last year with one exception.  We raised the price for Single Men wanting to come to our Saturday Night Party After Midnight.  That's it...  And we eliminated the cost for our members who come to the Saturday Night Party early and want to Party late.  If you come to Princeton early on Saturday Night, there is no longer any additional cost to stay til 5am.  It's Included...So Party late for FREE!!!

Here are a few Parties you might want to consider:

Jan 22 New Members Meet & Greet
Jan 23 Naughty New Years Resolutions

Jan 29 Nuts & Bolts
Jan 30 Mansion Party

Feb 5  Hot Wives
Feb 6 Naughty Gras
Feb 7 Super Bowl Party & Buffet

Feb 13 Valentines Rose Parade

Of course we are always open for you on Thursdays and Sundays...Four Days a Week Princeton is open...  Snow, Cold weather, don't worry, Princeton is open...

Thank you for your Love and Support for Twelve Years...  The New and Improved Princeton...

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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