NYE Thingsto Remember

Newsletter: Dec 30, 2015

Dear Excited Members

NYE is Thursday and there are a few suggestions to make your evening one to remember.

1. We have two 12 passenger shuttles for our members who are staying at the Hotels on Jackpot road. They will be making a trip to the hotels every 15 minutes. The drivers names are Kris (740) 243-9418 & Steve (614) 929-1754. You may call them Thursday after 12 noon. Please tip them as a courtesy. The transportation to and from the club is FREE.

2. The Party is open til 5am. Please don't Rush in drinking a lot of alcohol. Take it slow. Drink plenty of water.

3. The question is whether you can wear jeans. The answer is NYE is a dress up party. You are taking an important person in your life to a Private Club to meet with dignitaries from around the world. It's a once in a life time event. JEANS are not on the menu. However if you show up in jeans you will have three choices.
A. Pay the jean fine of $100 extra. All proceeds are given to the Gladden House as a donation.
B. Take them off and enjoy the evening in a towel. By the way a Princeton White Towel is acceptable apparel for NYE.
C. Or leave the party and miss the opportunity to meet Mr. And Mrs Princeton 2016.
So the choice is up to you. My suggestion is take jeans out of the equation and put on something spectacular and make a statement. Beside there is a photographer up at the VIP club ready to take your picture. And it's part of the package. FREE!!!

4. There are 4 bars at Princeton. The Main bar, the Patio bar, the Red room bar and of course the VIP club bar upstairs. Here is a hint. The VIP bar on the second floor is usually less crowded and you get your drinks faster. Need I say more.

5. There are hot tubs inside and outside please do not over flow the spas by having too many people in the spa.

6. In the past year over 200 of our beloved white princeton towels are missing. If you want princeton to provide our free clean towel service please make sure you leave our towels at the club.

We are expecting 400-500 members at the party. Happy New Year and looking forward to a wonderful 2016 with our Princeton Friends.

Love and Kisses,
RK and the entire Princeton Staff




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