Lordy Lordy I've Earned My Wings

Newsletter: Dec 11, 2015

Dear Members,

I want to apologize for not writing last week, but we were so busy getting things ready for our end of the year celebration.  As we look back on 2015, the Club has had a wonderful resurgence of new members and litteraly hundreds of couples that use to come to the Club found their way back and we have been reunited.  2015 has been the best year for Princeton and we are so very Thankful.

Many of our member took me up on our "THE MAGIC" quest to read the book and to exercise being Thankful and Grateful and it has made a monumental change in our lives and those around us.  We hope that you practice being Grateful everyday, as it sends such a positive loving message to those that you love, friends, family and Co-workers... And of course your devoted Club Members!!!

This week on Friday we have two very fun Parties... Our L3 Girls will be upstairs whooping it up at the NAUGHTY OR NICE PARTY... While downstairs we have the NAUGHTY ELF Party...  Gotta Love being Naughty at Princeton this weekend.

Then Saturday Night AIS our Bondage friends will be upstairs at the VIP Club enjoying themselves.  Remember if you want to fins out all about bondage, we encourage you to visit but you cannot drink alcohol at that party, so leave that downstairs and please be very respectful and don't interrupt the bondage scenes that are in progress.  There is no problem being a voyeur just don't watch from a safe distance and whisper...

At the Main Club JB & Tiff are donning a SYFY Realm... Star Wars outfits will be in vogue... They have some fun venues planned... Plus the food always is fantastic when they plan the party.  So be sure to stop on out Saturday for the DOUBLE HEADER.  And Glow Party Mike will be at Princeton "After Hours" this week and next bringing some new music for our members who love to dance... 

And then let's not forget about "Always Sexy Sunday".  We have heard Kenisha has been planning all sorts of new ideas to keep the members begging for more and there are Beer Tasting events coming up.  So be sure if you want to taste some of the more exotic beers, you have to stop on out on Sunday to check out what's happening...

Please don't forget that NEW YEARS is right around the corner and we have so many things planned... Four Bars will be Open.  Both Floors will be Open.  The New and Improved Patio will be Open.  The Hot Tubs will be Open.  Two Dance Floors will be busy... There is an unbelieveable DINNER planned with Roast Beef, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster, and so much more... DESSERTS to Die 4!!! Dancing Everywhere.  FREE Photos up on the second floor at the VIP Club.  Two Shuttles will be operating so there is no reason to drive... Regular Couple Tickets only $99...party til 5am, plenty of noise makers, hats, tiaras, Champagne (donated by a member)... Or kick it up a notch and say Reserved VIP TABLES FOR Couples $149. 

What better way to bring in the NEW YEARS... Princeton of course... 69 Play areas...


Now to mention some sad news on a personal front.  This past year my brother in law Steve passed away suddenly and recently my sister in law Sally passed away after battling cancer for 20 years.  She was such a nice and wonderful woman.  I wrote a poem several months to honor her and I would like to share it with you. 

To Sally and Tom

I've Earned My Wings

Lordy Lordy...I've earned my wings.
Storein up all those things
Things I've  been a makin
And a bakein to heal my animal achin things

From the gorges of Colorado
To the buttes of Mexico
Never was I goin to skip
A lil ones ointment tip

Toiling in the gardens
Or pestering the store
Makin my living concoctions
And healing them one n all

My man was always there 4 me
Whether here or afar
He worked there right beside me
As we built those soaring walls

As far as the eye can see
I've stretched my ears to hear
A passing guest below
Can not escape my quest or fear

What lies beyond my walls
What heights will I attain
Can this be all there is
Until we meet again

My love for you is unfurled
As we ready my birthing journey
I have all that I really need
To remember our future touring

So let my wings extend
As I pass through times large gate
I will be waiting with open arms
To once again enjoy our fate

So darling you have been there for me
A trusted friend and lover
Nothing has ever kept us apart
This trip is mine all mine to start

Lordy Lordy I've earned my wings. 

My Sister in Law was a Vet who loved to make special healing oinments for those animals that she cared for.  She and my brother Tom built a beautiful Shangrila solar powered home up in the buttes of New Mexico where you could rest and enjoy the 30 mile view from their perch.  She was a gentle soul who earned her wings...Bless you dear...  To our Members be sure to be Safe this Holiday Season... We Love you and care about you!!!

Love and Kisses

RK and the entire Princeton Crew      



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