Inclusion & Tolerance

Newsletter: Nov 14, 2015

Dear Members,

We have always said... Play Nice in the Sandbox.  Some of you may not understand that saying.  Simply put Princeton is a large and very welcoming Club.  We are a LIFESTYLE Club.  We always envisioned Princeton as a place for all the lifestyles.  And boy were we in for a shock.  For the most part, LIFESTYLERS are not very tolerant.  That is not very tolerant toward Lifestyles that are differentfrom their own.  And I guess you have to chalk that up to the human psych.   So if you are Swinger, you tolerate other swingers but maybe not all swingers.  What do you mean.  Well if you are a health conscious person, maybe you want to be around other healthy people.  Or if you are a Bigger person maybe you want to hang with that group.  Or maybe you are into Kink, or Fetishes or Bondage or S & M, or Bi Curious people, or Gay or Lesbian...


No matter who you are or what you like it takes a responsible, kind, considerate, helpful, understanding and compassionate Club who can help you all find what your looking for...  And Princeton is just that...  Princeton is all of that.  And More.  So long ago when we were reaching out to other lifestylers we began to have parties inviting the other lifestyles into the swinger parties.  And we found people are way too judgmental, too critical, and too snickery... So we built the VIP Club to provide a space where other Lifestyles could come and enjoy the FREEDOM we find at Princeton.  And for TWELVE YEARS we have done just that.  Provide a safe haven for all lifestyles to use our second floor VIP Club.  


So Princeton has already Hosted Lesbian, Gay, T Sexual, Kink, Porn, Bondage, Fetish, BBW, S & M, Poly, MILF, Gangbang, Hot Wife, Cream Pie, Multi Racial n Ethnic, Body Painted, Weddings, Divorces, Engagement, Reception, Retirement, Job Advancement, Anniversary, Birthday Parties up at the VIP Club... 


And the Sky didn't fall.  The earth didn't quake, The Universe didn't swallow us up...  Because in the end LOVE CONQUERS ALL.  Love is all encompassing.  So next time you want to lash out at someone, Remember, you started out as a Zygote  a sexless wonder of achievement in the combining of two different DNA from your parents... And the scariest part of all is that you, you, you can change the world around you by being genuinely tolerant.  So play nice in the sandbox all you ZYGOTES!!!  RK  

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