Newsletter: Oct 26, 2015

Dear Members,

Well it's Sextober and it's the last weekend of the month and the witching hour is upon us...Princeton is putting the final touches on the club and we want you to know we are READY!!!

So for all of you that are wondering what is the Friday Horny as Hell Mask Party and what is the Super Hero or Super Scary all about.

First and Foremost Halloween weekend is FUN, HILLARIOUS AND DOWNRIGHT one of the best party times of all year...  There is no wrong or right costume.  Do we want you to wear a Mask Friday, of course we do.  You can buy a mask from $1 - $10 at any Halloween store.  The Super Hero or Super Scary is our theme for Saturday night.  But don't limit yourself.  If you have a Nurse or Doctors costume wear it and throw a little blood in for good measure.  We want everyone coming in a costume no matter how simple or complex.  And if you already have a costume but it doesn't match the theme, don't worry.  No One is worried.  Don't over think this... The entire process of getting ready should be fun and get into the mood early...  Remember we want to see you, that's the message...


The Club will have plenty of staff to handle the ticket booth process and prepaids will have their own quick check in process.  There is plenty of food, there will be 3 bars open on Friday night and 4 bars open on Saturday night.  There is a new projector out in the Patio area and there will be a game on for those of you wishing to keep up.  OSU is not playing (what a miracle) so be sure to call all of your friends and head to the club...


THE CLUB WILL NOT BE SOLD OUT... The capacity for Princeton is 972 people.  So don't worry there is room for you and hundreds of your friends.  The Limo will be available for Friday Night so for all of our VIP reservations we will pick you up at the Grove City Hotels on Jackpot road.  The downstairs Club is open Friday.  Then Saturday both the downstairs and upstairs Clubs are open.  And yes the shuttle and limo will handle all the out of town members staying at the Grove City Jackpot Road Hotels...


Friday Night $50 per couple for the Halloween Mask Party

Saturday Night $69 per couple for the Super Hero or Super Scary Costume Party

Weekend Package Friday and Saturday $99 per couple - save $20

Weekend VIP Package Friday and Saturday $139 per couple - save $25


If you have not been to Princeton in awhile, Be sure to take advantage of the SPECIAL YEARLY MEMBERSHIP RATE.  $25 per couple for the year. 


We have members coming from all around the country to be at this weekends event.  At last count members from Calif, Az, Tx, Fl, Ga, Sc, Nc, Va, Wv, Pa, Ny, Mi, In, IL, Ky, Tn and a couple from Britain is coming and of course all over Ohio. 




 Love and Kisses,


RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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