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Newsletter: Sep 22, 2008

Dear Members,

We had such a wonderful time this weekend with Rendezvous and the Hawaiian Luau and what a Luau it was. Over 260 people came to Princeton to enjoy themselves all dressed up in Hawaiian crazed items. Several members who have been to Hawaii went around the Club providing us with Hawaiian sayings. A big thank you to Yvonne and Garry from Hedo Fox and their stellar group that joined in and partied till the wee hours of the morning.
Plus this week we received a number of calls from locals who had read “The Other Paper” article and wanted more information on our Club. There were two new couples that told us at the Saturday night party that they were thinking of coming to a Lifestyle Club so when they read the article they decided they needed to see if it was for themselves. Both joined the Club and can’t wait to come again.
And so we wanted to mention that we have read all the comments on the blog from “The Other Paper” and have answered some member’s questions from our website emails and thought this would be a good time to send you some info. Last Monday and Tuesday, The Other Paper called us to let us know they were publishing an article about Swingers and the Swinging Lifestyle and wanted to know if we would agree to be interviewed. We said we would get back to them. Kitty and I talked about it and decided that it would be better if we did talk so we could at least get across our feelings and try to help remove the stigma that has always been attributed to those in the Lifestyle. And we truly believe there is so much more that the Lifestyle offers other than just sex. So we agreed to be interviewed which they did over the phone. We sent over a few pictures of the Club along with a picture of RK in his tuxedo so that those that are truly seeking an alternative lifestyle Club can visualize something clean, classy and positive as opposed to what most main stream people imagine.

We have been interviewed by various other media in the past 4 years always striving to provide accurate information to those readers and listeners and to open the lines of communication with those wishing to find other likeminded individuals and groups. Remember, you too were once on the outside looking for something. That’s why it is so important to socialize with couples and singles at the club that you have never met because we are one big family wishing to find others that enjoy the same freedoms we benefit from.

We are the ones that are at the front door when Public Officials come knocking. We are the ones that are walking the parking lot. We are the ones that are picking up cups and trash and removing it. We are the ones that are changing sheets, giving tours, serving you at the bar and playing your favorite song. We are your Staff at Princeton, and proud that we are a part of a classy and first class operation. We love you the members, our friends, our associates and our family and we will continue just as we have these past 4 years providing a clean, safe and friendly Club to our members.

Over the next two weeks we have some really fun and exciting events. Kitty has Twister this Friday, Naughty Nurse Night this Saturday and then next week there is the fourth Anniversary Cheer Leader Tryouts on Friday night and then the big Daddy of them all the Saturday Night 4th Anniversary Party which will really be a fabulous time…

And finally just a word about Kitty’s Pleasure Palace… Folks Kitty has a fabulous home tucked away in the woods, right on the Olentangy River located about 12 minutes from the Club. She has an overnight deal that is better than any Hotel in Columbus. Four or Five couples can get together for one night and rent Kitty’s Pleasure Palace plus get a ticket to get into the Club. The cost for four couples is $125 each and the cost for Five couples is $100 each. Why is that a good deal. Think about it. Couples coming to the Club pay $35 to $60 for a Friday or Saturday night. Think of the benefits of some couples in the next room. It gives a new meaning to Swingtown Columbus. You are staying in an executive home (3000 sf) right on the river, right smack dab in the middle of the Columbus Park system, with foot and bike trails that go for miles. And it is secluded!!! You are 15 minutes from just about everything in Columbus… Downtown, The State Capitol Building, The Club, Easton, Polaris, The Short North, OSU, Convention Center, Arena District, German Village, The Brewery, 15 golf courses, Worthington, Westerville, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Delaware and even the Governor’s Residence on Parkview. What’s not to like about that. Plus Kitty is designing a special Princeton pass where those staying at the Pleasure Palace get to go straight into the Club without having to stand in line at the front door. Plus VIP seating inside the Club when available.

Over the next few months we will be having more and more cocktail parties in the afternoon for those members at are coming to a weekend party and want to experience a Pleasure Palace moment. Folks staying at the Pleasure Palace and coming to Club that night is the best deal in town. So make your next reservation to Princeton and book the Pleasure Palace too!!! A Big Thanks to all of our Princeton Members who have supported the Club & Kitty and I over the past 4 years. We love you too!!!

Love and Kisses to all our great members,

Rk & kitty

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