Octoberfest MEGA Weekend

Newsletter: Oct 07, 2015

Dear Members,

We have a complete lineup for you this week...

Threeway Thursdays are the New Fridays around Princeton... Rachel and Kenny are your Hosts and it's a Great way to kick off your weekend...

Friday we have a Doubleheader...  The L3 Girls are upstairs at the VIP Club and we are so excited.  They are celebrating TRICK OR TREAT...  Don't you love it when they trick you... And downstairs we are enjoying TIGHT ASS JEANS...  Now this party is all about the BUTT.  There's nothing better than running your hands... well let's talk about that at the Party.  TIGHT ASS JEANS!!!

Now the Saturday TRIPLEHEADER...  Couples Massage Hosted by April & Steve is back from 4pm to 7:30...  Wine and Cheese in the Red Room with a professional massage team showing you all the right moves.  A three hour sensual massage.  What's not to like about that.  Plus a discounted entry into the Saturday Night Party.

  Then if Bondage is your thing or you want to drop in and check out what is the latest in flogging, fire play, electric wands, rope play and so much more then the AIS Party Hosted by Barak & Sheba up on the second floor at the VIP Club is for you.  It's $40 per couple and do not bring any alcohol.  Leave that downstairs... They are all professionals and they are looking for submissives... Or just be a voyeur and learn a few BONDAGE MOVES!!!

Or you could be playing at the Mansion Party.   Yes the Mansion Party is Saturday Night at the Main Club Hosted by Kevin and Mindy and you can begin to get a taste of what Halloween is looking like at Princeton.  We are hard at work redesigning the Club into our Swingerfest mood... And you will be in the mood everywhere you look at Princeton.  The Club is looking fantastic.  The RK After Hours Party starts at Midnight and runs til 5am.  Princeton is the only On Premise Club in the Midwest open til 5am. 

And then there is the ALWAYS SEXY SUNDAY  Party Hosted by Kenisha & Chris from 8pm - 1am on Sundays to give you one more shot in the arm and to say, we will be back next week...  That's where the word ASS comes from... ALWAYS SEXY SUNDAYS.  

Next week we have 7 parties from Thursday through Sunday... Including SEXTOBERFEST with JB & Tiff...

Let's CHAT about our HALLOWEEN WEEKEND...  Princeton is putting on a fantastic Halloween weekend event. 

Friday October 30 Horny as Hell Mask Party $50 per couple.
Saturday October 31  Super Hero or Super Scary $69 per couple
Or The weekend Package $99 per couple

If you want to kick it up a notch then request VIP
Friday October 30 Horny as Hell Mask Party $65 per couple.
Saturday Night Super Hero or Super Scary $99 per couple
Or The weekend Package $139 per couple

Yes we have a shuttle from the Hotels on Jackpot Road.  Yes we have a FREE Photo for you.  Yes you have access on Saturday Night to the entire Club.  4 Bars open, 4 Hot tubs, 69 play areas... 23,500sf of PURE PLEASURE...   There is no other club in the midwest that does it BIGGER or BETTER than Princeton. We want to see you and all of your friends at Princeton for Halloween...  Yes it is a costume party no matter how simple or elaborate.  Prizes will be given away... Pre paid tickets are available and there is a Special Pre Paid Check in.  This is our 12th HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! Make it a MEGA PARTY.  Go Online today and make your reservations.  It's so simple.  Go to the Halloween Weekend and just put your email address in the Reserve your Space... And presto, you have reservations.  There will be additional Parking lot space.  We have two new parking lots right next to the Club so there is more parking than ever before.  Princeton is growing.  We use to accommodate 165 cars.  Now we can handle 400. 

Since last August we have tripled our Membership.  There are 50 to 100 New Members joining each and every week.  Want to meet some of the nicest people in the world.  Then stop in and find out what all the BUZZ is about.  This week from Thursday through Sunday we will have approximately 700 people stop by Princeton to enjoy the Club.  And did we mention The Staff.  Our Staff is exceptional. They work their tails off making you feel right at home.  So the next time a Staffer walks by, be sure the tell them how much you appreciate all their effort... And if you feel that you have the right temperment to work in an environment like Princeton be sure to set up an interview.  We are all about working (cleaning) when the Club is open. 

We love and appreciate all your support through the 12 years Princeton has been bringing you the classiest events.    

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff    




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