Greek Gods & Goddesses, Anniversary & Halloween

Newsletter: Sep 16, 2015

Dear Members,

 Another great weekend at Princeton, with SZC Hosting the party and giving away so many FREE Memberships. Remember, they will be back in December to Host an even bigger and sexier party...The HoHoHo Party...Dec 12th.  So mark your calendars...

 We start the week off these days with Three Way Thursday Hosted by Rachel and Kenny.  Sexyoke, plus a lot of fun at the bar and DJ Ayo making it feel just right at Princeton.  Thursday is the New Friday!!!

 This week its all about the Ladies... It's a Chocolate Kiss Friday on the Main floor and there are plenty of Chocolate Kisses to go around, so practice...  Then the Fetish Foreplay Party Hosted by Guilty Pleasures is in the VIP HOUSE... Upstairs.  RK can't get enough of that Fetish Party stuff. 

 Then Saturday JB and Tiff are back from their summer fun and are Hosting the Greek Gods and Goddesses Party... Plus the After Party.  You do not want to miss this party.   Lots of games, Mary and the Fun Brigade, and of course your friendly Princeton Staff always ready to make you feel right at home...

 Then rounding out the week we have our Always Sexy Sunday Party with our Hosts Kenisha and Chris...  Last week RK was at the party spending time with our Sunday members.

 Just a reminder for the upcoming Anniversary Party next weekend.... We want all Princeton Members to stop in and enjoy the Anniversary festivities.  No matter if this is your first visit or your 100th.  We have so much to be thankful for this year and we are passing our Thankfulness forward...  All Members who have visited Princeton 6 or more times during 2015 are invited to the Club FREE for the evening.  There are over 400 of you out there.  Plus there are 750 members who have visited the club 5 times this year.  Get one more party under your belt and you too can enjoy the event free...  But no matter how many times you have visited Princeton in 2015, we want everyone to show up and enjoy a wonderful 12th Anniversary.  Because next year we turn into a TEENAGER.

 HALLOWEEN is just around the corner and we want to see everyone participate in this years event.  We are having the food catered this year... Both Floors will be open.  All 4 Bars will be open.  All 4 Hot tubs will be operating, FREE Photos, FREE LIMO FOR VIP  TICKETHOLDERS, FREE shuttle available for the Hotels on Jackpot road. And by the way RK is staying at one of the Hotels just to keep a watchful eye, plus there are 69 play areas available at the Club...  And just think you can come to the Hottest Costume Party in the Midwest for only...

 $69 Regular Pass per couple

$99  VIP Pass per couple (includes reserved vip table & Limo Service)

$139 1 Year Membership and VIP Pass per couple (includes reserved vip table & Limo Service)

 The Truth is Nobody does it BIGGER or BETTER than Princeton... And Everyone know The Night Belongs to Princeton.  Reserve your space now 4:

 The Greek Gods and Goddesses Party 9/19

The 12th Anniversary Celebration 9/26

The 12th Annual Super Hero or Super Scary Halloween Costume Party 10/31

 Wishing all of our Members the very Best...  Did you know that there are over 15,000 people that receive our Newsletter each week.  This week make a difference in someones life.  Say a kind word, help someone out, make extra time to hug and love your children or loved ones... You do make a difference in our lives...

 Love and Kisses,

 RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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