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Newsletter: Sep 08, 2015

Dear Members,

Just a little update on our Thursday and Sunday parties. They are GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAT. Last week we had the best crowds for Thursday and our largest crowd for Sunday. The party fees for Thursday and Sunday are steeply discounted for couples and singles. So remember Thursdays are the New Fridays and Sunday's are Always Sexy Sunday.

SZC is Hosting their first Regional Party this Saturday at Princeton and they are offering a FREE 90 day Membership to SZC, plus some other prizes just for signing up and coming to the Party on September 12th...  This is the famous LUAU Party and this year we will have our Fire Dancers again... and hopefully the FOAM Party will be back outside on the Patio...

Plus the Couples Massage will be back on Saturday September 12th at 4pm.  You know what happens when you are in a 3 hour massage... You want more... So sign up for the Couples Massage with April and Steve...

Then Saturday September 19th, they're back again... JB & Tiff are bringing you Greek Gods and Goddesses... A Toga Party and they have a BIG BAG OF GOODIES to share with you...

And to round out September we have our 12th Anniversary Party. Every single couple that has been to Princeton more than 6 times during 2015, you have a GOLDEN INVITATION to come to the September 26th absolutely FREE.  Those members that have not been to Princeton 6 or more times this year can come and enjoy an evening of fun and laughter and did we say FOOD, FOOD, FOOD... Well you get the point. Come dressed up, Rk will be in his Tuxedo and our staff will be dressed up as well. There is no reason to stay at home when you know there are over 400 people attending.

SWINGTOBER is upon us and there are many parties planned for the whole month including the entire weekend of October 29, 30, 31st and November 1st. That of course is Halloween and we want you to make this Halloween 2015 the biggest and most attended party weekend ever. Ticket prices for the Saturday night event start at $69 per couple. Costumes must be worn no matter how simple or elaborate.  Cal lall of your friends and make a Halloween Play date at Princeton.  The entire 23,500sf club and Patio will be open.  4 Bars, 4 Hot tubs, FREE Shuttle and LIMO to the Hotels on Jackpot road and FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, all night long...  All for $69 per couples.  The BIGGEST and most UPSCALE SWINGER CLUB IN THE MIDWEST!!!  Nobody does is BIGGER or BETTER.  The Night Belongs to Princeton and during Halloweeny Weekend you own it all...

Love n Kisses...  Rk and the entire Princeton Staff

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