Newsletter: Jul 22, 2015

       Dear Members,

We have heard that Swappernet is not working.  So we have worked on a deal for our members and friends who use to chat online at Swappernet.  If you will click on this link it will take you straight to the Sept 12 event that is Sponsored by SZC.  Paul and Ann have agreed to let anyone that is shut out of Swappernet can have a free 90 day Membership at SZC. All you need to do is sign up through the link.  

  SZC is sponsoring their first Region Party.  SZC is advertising that if you sign up for this party on their site and come to the party they will credit your SZC account with $20.  And Princeton says that if you sign up for the event on SZC and get to the Club before 9pm we will discount your party fee for couples $20.  That's $40 for you!!!  Plus we will have some adult toy prizes to give away.  Plus win a FREE PASS for SZC's next regional party that will be held December 12, 2015.

Tonight is the SZC Hawaiian Luau  and The Smoked Pig Roast Event.  This is a MEGA Party is priced at only $65 per couple but if you come themed, sign up at the SZC site and get to the club before 9pm please take $20 dollars off.

The LUAU is dedicated for all you Princeton Pussy Cats sponsored by the VIP Club... We have a special surprise for you this evening.  We have several Fire Dancers coming.   If you have never been to a Fire Dance you need to book your reservation at Princeton for the LUAU.  This will be over the top!!!

 Come dressed up in your Hawaiian Shirts, Leis and Coconuts and we will have the Club decorated like a Desert Island.

Thank you from SZC Ann and Paul - and from RK and the entire Princeton Staff  

The Club is celebrating the end of the Summer and do not be surprised if a few of our members are jumping in the Hot Tubs outside. 

Plus tonight we are having a Smoked Pig Roast on the Patio.  And if you have been to our Pig Roasts then you know it is a slow Smoked Process that takes 24 hours to get it just right.  No one in the country does it better or BIGGER.

Want to win a 1 Year membership to Princeton.  Tonight we are going to give away a Yearly Membership to a Lucky couple that live further than 50 miles from the Club.    That is a $99 One Year Membership we are giving away.  So come on over to Princeton for the Night.  Plus we will pick you up and drop you off in our LIMO at the Hotels on Jackpot Road.  Plus we will have our staff Photographer who will take a FREE Photo for couples...  If 350 people or more come to Princeton tonight we will open up the VIP Club on the second floor...

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