How does Princeton Measure up to other Clubs...

Newsletter: Jul 20, 2015

Dear Members,

We have included a letter from a couple that are members and has this to say...

My girlfriend and I have been to Princeton a few times and always enjoyed ourselves very much.  We had a question about how Princeton ranked with other clubs around the country so, while traveling we decided to visit a few and see for ourselves.


Tracey is 46 and I am 54, we are attractive and do not have trouble finding people to be interested in meeting us or playing. We both like to dance as well. 


Here is what we found:

- Trapeze - Ft. Lauderdale - nice club but small, very few areas for private times, dance floor was nice but not as big as Princeton, good buffet though. We played in several rooms, had a nice encounter with another couple.


- JOI Club - Los Angeles - Big dance floor, super loud though. Warehouse type of space with a private back area for group play and a few semi-private rooms, only one truly private room.  We played on a bed with a few other couples, no interaction though.


- New Temptations - Las Vegas - a newer club, nice dance floor with good seating around it. a few private play rooms, a few semi-private and a fairly large open room that I thought was couples only but seemed to attract a lot of single men.

All in all what we have found is that Princeton is truly a unique and special club. The variety of rooms and spots to hang out or play is really great, beats any other location we have been in, by far!! The way you guys care for the place - the clean-up crew is super unique and we have really come to appreciate the fact that you take that extra step to ensure cleanliness - really rare - we saw this at no other location we visited.  Great dance floor and seating area. The patio is unique as well. Just the different levels and options are super nice.


We just wanted you to know that every club we visited we talked about the contrasts between Princeton and that club.  You may not realize it but, Princeton has to be one of the top clubs in the country.


Well done and please, keep up the great work.  Doug & Tracey    

This past weekend we had over 600 members come and enjoy the Club.  Yes it's Summertime and everyone is coming to enjoy the New Princeton Club...

This weekend the Club is open on Friday Sexy Ladies Night and Wine Tasting and Saturday we have a Wet T Shirt Contest plus the After Hours Party til 5am...

The Black White Glow Party is August 15th and everyone that comes that night is getting a FREE PASS to come to the Princeton 1200 Foam Party on August 22... Two parties for the price of ONE.  What's the Black White Party??? A Dress up Party where couples come from all over the Midwest once a year come to bump into other hot good looking swingers... Free Photos, Free Limo, Free Shuttle, Fantastic Dinner, Dancing and Desserts... Party til 5am and the entire Club will be open... 69 PLAY AREAS.  No One does it bigger or Better!!!

SZC is holding a REGIONAL PARTY at Princeton September 12th at the Annual LUAU Party.  The Party will be advertised on our website and SZC's website.  They are giving away $1000 and Princeton is discounting the Party $20 per couple.  That means you all can come in on a Saturday Night for only $45.  It's in celebration of SZC and their committment to bring a quarterly party to Princeton.  PLus we will be giving away FREE tickets to the SZC Dec 12th Holiday Party...

Princeton's 12th Anniversary is coming September 26th and more than 350 members are going to be receiving their FREE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY INVITATION TO ATTEND.  That's right if you have visited Princeton in 2015 and have 6 or more visits under your belt, the Anniversary is ABSOLUTELY FREE TO THOSE MEMBERS.  We are expecting another 350 members who will want to be at this event.  That's 700 people coming to Princeton to help CELEBRATE the start of our 12th year in business...

So if you haven't been to Princeton lately, make a trip and enjoy the BIGGEST LIFESTYLE FACILITY IN THE MIDWEST.  We can't wait to see you again.

Love and Kisses...  RK and the entire Princeton Staff   

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