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Newsletter: Jul 12, 2015

Dear Members,

There are so many wonderful and magical events happening, I am not sure where to begin, but we want to start with you.

You the members of the Princeton Club.  I have a story to tell and I hope that you allow me to share it with you.  I believe that it will not only change your life forever, but it will change the lives of those that you love, those that you work with, associates, friends, and everyone you come in contact with.  This is not sermon or religious speech, but a recongition of an event that I had and continue to have.  And so here is the story...

About five years ago I came across a book called The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne.  By the way you can google it and find it at Amazon for about $8.00 free shipping.  I will get back to that in a moment.  I began to read this book and not only did I live it for the 28 days Rhonda asks you to complete the book, but I told my family and friends and even members of the club how powerful and focused her words were to me...  The spirit of the book and the entire summation of her Life's work comes down to one word... GRATITUDE...  

Over the years you have read some of the newsletters and Fan Club messages and I always try and end the message with Thank you and if you have ever met me at the club, I try to be very welcoming but I always try to leave you with two words, Thank You, before I leave your company.  Because I truly am Thankful, that we have met.  That our paths have crossed and that we can find some mutual ground in which to enjoy each other.  Over the past five years my life has been enriched by the tens of thousands of people I have met.  And even though I have the same issues and struggles everyone else has or have ever known, The Magic has always kept me focused on being Grateful.

I should also tell you, that I do not know Rhonda Byrne personally, have never met her, do not own shares in the publishing house but I am grateful and thankful that I have read her book and continue to reread it on a regular basis.  So today and for the rest of the year, I want to make a promise to you.  It's not hard to follow what I am about to say. 

There are two steps for each of us to make today.  If you will go to Amazon and buy the book, I will pay for it (up to $10).  So go buy the book and the next time you come to Princeton, bring the book with you and the front door staff will be instructed to discount your entry fee $10.  Next, take the time to read the book, follow her suggestions and finish the book.  Once you have finished the book, you will not only, see what I seeing, and know what she knows, but will be compelled to ask your partner to also read the book...  Pass it along to your friends...  But once you have finished the book, come back to Princeton and I personally will extend your membership for free, ONE FULL YEAR. 

Again, this is not a sermon... There is no service to attend... It's just a book about being GRATEFUL.  That's it.  And I am willing to help you get started.   This is not a gimmick and if you never come back to Princeton, or we never get to see each other again, doesn't change the fact that you will have been touched by Rhonda, just like I was touched when I read The Magic. 

Well we had plenty of Magic this week, at the Monte Carlo Party.  Everyone dressed up and the cards and chips were flying. Thanks Eric for coming in and wowing everyone with your MAGIC TRICKS!!!

This week we are open Thursday thru Sunday.  Four days in a row...  And by now everyone should know that Princeton will be open every Thursday thru Sunday beginning August 20.

This Thursday Rachel and Kenny will be Hosting Three Way Thursday with Sexy Oke and Jonathon Oye handling the music.  Then Friday we have a doubleheader...  50 Shades of Princeton Chocolate Sundae Party downstairs and the Fetish Foreplay VIP Club.  Then Saturday we have Christmas in July Party and the After Party... 

Just a reminder that the dress up event The Black White Glow Party is August 15th and we are so excited to bring you the Limo, Shuttle, Fantastic Food, Desserts to die 4, Topless Servers, The Body Shots, Free Photo, party til 5am, and a FREE PASS for the August 22 Princeton 1200 Foam Party...  Two parties for the price of ONE...  You do not want to miss the BIGGEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER!!!  THE BLACK WHITE GLOW PARTY!!!

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