Birthdays, Pirates and more

Newsletter: Jun 09, 2015

Dear Members,

We are so excited to talk about one of our favorite topics... Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Events... Did you know there are over 250 Birthdays a week that are celebrated by our members.  And do you know as Members you have the right and opportunity to have your Birthday at Princeton.  Listen to what some of you know already.  On the right sideof our website there is a caption that says "Host your Own Party".  And below we explain that if you are having a Birthday, Anniversary or Special Occasion, do yourself a favor a book a Birthday Party with Princeton.  All you have to do is click on the highlighted section and it takes you to  a questionaire.  Here's the scoop!!! You tell us who is celebrating their Birthday and who is organizing it for them.  Tell us the night you want to come to the Club... We will make sure you have a table, balloons, cake and ice cream if you like, a special song that you want played and whether you want some of the Hot Sexy Princeton women or men you want to lap dance the Birthday person.  

Now here is the best part.  Once you send in the Birthday request, we will approve it and send back a PDF Birthday card for you to send to anyone you want to invite.  On the Birthday invitation it says that there is a $5 discount for bringing the card and the membership fees are included in the door fee that night.  So even some of your friends that have never been to Princeton can come and enjoy a night of celebration at a steep discount and all the while have an opportunity to experience Princeton.  

Birthdays at Princeton are FUN, OUT OF THIS WORLD, and BREASTTAKING...So what are you going to do on your next Birthday... Come to Princeton and Celebrate.  And speaking of celebrating, we are celebrating all the June Birthdays this weekend including RK's Birthday.  So come on out and toast the New Patio Bar and if you are June Baby, bring your dancing shoes...

So this Friday we have the Lucky Luscious Ladies upstairs with a Special Summer Party while downstairs we are having a 50 Shades of Princeton Lick it or Stick it Party... That means there is alot of action up at the Body Shot table with our Hosts passing out Body Shots...

On Saturday we have our Special Massage Class starting at 4:00 with  wine and cheese beginning the session and a Sensual Massage Class that is out of this world... Then a Pirate Party starting at 8pm.  Now it's not too difficult to dress up as a Pirate, so take a minute and put a bandana on your head and grab one of your kids plastic swords... Anyway, bring your Pirate attitude and call all of your friends and make it a Pirate Birthday... The After Party starts at midnight and runs til 5am...

As A Special Promotion for this weekend... For those Couples whose Membership is expired or they are new... You can Buy a One Month Membership for $10 or a One Year Membership for $25.  

What are you waiting for... Call all of your friends and make it a MEGA PARTY @ PRINCETON...

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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