May is Here

Newsletter: Apr 29, 2015

Dear Members,

It's May and more and more of our members are returning to Princeton and enjoying the club.  As you know we are busy working on the Patio and getting ready for the opening of the Patio which will be Memorial Weekend.  We have sent messages through the Fan Club asking if people would like to use the Club during the day for sun bathing, hot tub play and day time play dates and the overwhelming consensus has been a big thumbs up.  So if you want to work at the club over the summer on the Patio, please let Mary and or Dawon know so we can fit you in our schedule. We are hoping to build a bar on the Patio as well.

This week we are open Friday and Saturday. Friday Night we have the Hot Wives Party and a Girls Night Out Wine Tasting. So Ladies, take advantage of this double header Friday evening.  We usually have some very handsome and sexy guys around for this party and of course some nice wines and appetizers to enjoy.  

Then Saturday night we have a New Party called Princeton Girls Gone Wild.  Now I am sure most of you remember the vanilla parties that were televised a couple of decades ago.  Well we are opening the flood gates and we want all of our Princeton Girls to come on down this Saturday and shake their BOOTY and make it a WILD NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!! So let's break this New Party in and set a few records.  Most sheets and bath towels used in a night.  The record for most towels was 166 and most sheets used in a night 210.  What are we waiting for.  

So call all of your friends and let them know where you will be this weekend.  We want to set a few records at Princeton this Saturday... PRINCETON GIRLS GONE WILD!!!

We love and appreciate all of our members!!!  And as a added BONUS for May, we are extending the Special Membership Package.  So what does that mean.  If you are a NEW Member who has never been to Princeton before or your Membership has EXPIRED come down to the Club during the Month of May and buy a ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP FOR $25 and the Club will extend your membership to ONE FULL YEAR.  This is a $74 savings and we are so excited about the number of New Members joining, we are offering the Special Membership Package again for MAY.  Last week we had the largest number of new members ever join the Club.  Over 100 New Members came to Princeton and joined for the year.  There is a BIG reason why. Have you all figured it out?  Becasue the Club looks and feels brand new.  Because the Staff is the best it has ever been. Because we are open more hours than ever before.  And the Special Membership Package is the Best Deal ever...

So what are you waiting for.  Call all your friends and take advantage of the Special Membership Package.  You won't have to worry about your Princeton Membership for another year.  There are some fabulous New Parties coming in May.  

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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