You are the Music in Me

Newsletter: Apr 14, 2015

Dear Members,

Here are some questions sent in by members...  AS well as answers...

What can you expect at Princeton. What kind of club is Princeton anyway? Princeton is a Lifestyle Club. We are the melting pot of America. We accept everyone who is Nice, Respectful, All Races, All Sizes, All Political Affliations, All Faiths...

But what kind of a Dance Club is Princeton a Hip Hop, Rocker, Jazz, Country, Oldies, House, Top 40. Princeton is none of the above. The Members each night have the right to request songs that appeal to them. And the DJ is hired to make sure the Dance Floor stays active with our Members Dancing. 

So what can I do as a member if I am interested in dancing and there is no one on the dance floor. Select a few songs that you know are exciting dance songs and submit those to be played by the DJ. Give the DJ time to find the songs and que them up for playing. 

What about songs that we like that have racial slurs. The Owner of Princeton has instructed ALL DJs who work at Princeton not to play any R rated song that uses racial slurs. They can play the G rating of that song. 

Does Princeton have Music Videos that can be watched on the dance floor. Princeton has recently signed up with American DJ for their commercial licensing area where millions of music videos are now available to our DJs and can be accessed through our equipment. 

We recently were at Princeton and spent time in the back private rooms and want to know if the club has special music to keep us in the mood. Yes Princeton has a contract with Sirius Radio that has a special LOVE station to keep you in the mood. 

Princeton charges for memberships and it seems that Out of Town couples get the best deal what's up with that. Well many years ago we wanted to help our Out of Town couples who live further than 50 miles. We understood that in order to come visit us it usually involves getting overnight babysitters, long hours traveling, fuel costs, overnight lodging. So what could we do to help. Well we decided to price our Out of Town membership at a ridiculously low rate. Today that rate is $25 for the year. That's approximately $1 per person per month. And to help our Out of Towners even more, we lowered our Friday night pricing. In the past 9 months out of Town members have are taking advantage of our new pricing and frequenting the club more. On any given night 40% of all members live further than 50 miles. 

What about the local members. Are there any Specials or incentives for them? Well yes there is s BIG INCENTIVE for our NEW Members and as well as members whose memberships are expired. Princeton has decided to offer a $25 ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to our couples. 

My husband and I used to come to Princeton and its been years since we were there. Do we need to fill out the membership application again and do we pay $100 for a new membership. Well we love that you want to come back to Princeton. You do not need to fill out the application again. If some of your information needs to be updated just let the ticket booth staff know. They can make those changes for you. To renew your membership just mention that you saw the $25 a year membership for couples. And you want to sign up for that. It's FUN, it's EASY, it's EXCITING!!!

My wife and I are coming into town for a family event and will not be able to make it the club before midnight. Do we have to pay the regular price to get in. Over the years we have found that many of our members have family and friends that need to see earlier in the evening. So we decided to provide an "After Midnight" special pricing for those that still want to come to Princeton. So take advantage of our After Hours events with Special Discounted Rates.

Have more questions and or comments. Send them in through the Fan Club or directly through our website. 

The Night Belongs to Princeton. 

Love and Kisses,

Rk and the entire Princeton Staff

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