Do we have to take off our clothes

Newsletter: Mar 27, 2015

Dear Members,

Recently we received an email from a member asking us what the new rules are for the large group area...

Do we have to take our clothes off...  Do we have to walk around the entire club naked... 

The answer to those questions is No.

That's not how it works. The large group room is a play area. Over the years we heard many complaints from our members that while they were naked and playing in that room other members fully dressed were standing around talking way too loud, making obnoxious comments on the way they were engaged in  their personal play, getting so close to the naked members you could feel their body heat and touching members while they were playing without permission. 

We feel that most members respect our rules but there are those that think they have a right to be rude and these members are standing around fully clothed in the group area. 

So we decided to make a few changes in order to protect those vulnerable members and solve the issues. 

We constructed a wall with French doors that lead into the Group Play Area. This reduces the noise and chatter from the rest of the room. We also installed 16' of glass so that those members not playing and only wish to view what's going on in the play area can see everything. 

From 8pm - midnight we allow all members to stroll through the group play area so they can decide if they want to play in this area.  Then at midnight we place one of our staff members at the entrance of the group play area and only those members that wish to play can enter. Thus keeping those members who are not playing from bothering our members who are most vulnerable. 

This is what we have done.

 If you want to enter the Play area and Go directly to a private play bed you may do so by either by placing a towel around you while you are fully clothed or you can go to the locker room, remove your clothes and place a towel around you or a robe and then walk into the Group Play area. Either way only Players in the Group Play Room after Midnight. 

Since we have initiated this a few weeks ago we have not received one complaint from those playing. However several members who are use to being fully clothed, standing around the play room have mentioned on the message boards that they do not like the new concept.  

And our message to our members is if you want us to embrace something different, provide us with the details how it will protect our vulnerable players. We are all about safety. What we have accomplished reduces the noise, protects everyone and provides a fantastic viewing area for those who do not wish to participate. 

Wishing you the best


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