Newsletter: Mar 03, 2015

Dear Members,

This is a MEGA Weekend at Princeton.  We have so many people coming from all over the WORLD to see the Arnold Classic in Columbus.  All the muscle men and women from all over the world will be in Columbus this weekend, including Arnold... I'll Be Back!!!

So if you are interested in seeing the Hottest, Hardest Bodies in the world, get down to Columbus and check out the Arnold Classic... And then head over to the Club to see them again.

And by the way we have the Hot Wives coming to the Club on Friday Night.  Now Ladies, if you have been wondering what's happening at the Hot Wives Parties well this weekend is perfect for you.  Have you been looking to meet some Hot Guys and want to just go around, and say... I'll take you, you , and you...  Well come on down to Princeton Friday and start the selection process.  Last month we had some really Hot Guys.  

For the rest of us, it's just a Kissing Contest.  So Ladies start your engines... We will be hanging around the Body Shot table with lots of SHOTS for YOU!!! Who is the best Kisser, the most sensual kisser, who can suck the chrome off that trailer hitch of yours. Ladies you know what it takes to be a GREAT Kisser and Princeton is looking for YOU!!! Don't be shy, and besides you can practice, practice, practice all night long.  There is nothing better than a GREAT KISSER to get your motor purring!!!

Then Saturday, it is a MEGA Saturday.  Why???  Because we are expecting hundreds of people to be on hand at Princeton scoping out the HOT BODIES all over the Club from all over the world who come to Princeton to be here for Arnie's Mansion Party.  And what is going to happen at Princeton at MIDNIGHT!!!  Well we are going to have a F__CK-A-THON Tournament in the Red Room. The Red Room at the stroke of Midnight will turn into a sea of white towels and robes...  All the members wanting to be a part of the Tournament will just have their towels or robes on in our 2500sf Red Room.  Last weekend we had 2/3 of the Club wearing towels...  Everyone wanted to be there...

Plus we have two new Retail Centers that are being opened this weekend.  A toy company and a clothing/lingerie store are opening up at Princeton.  So come on down and enjoy the new items available for you.

And if that's not enough excitement, AIS will be upstairs with a Bondage Party and 200 of their friends to walk you through 50 Shades...

So what are you waiting for.  Call all your friends from around the Midwest and tell them to get over to Princeton this weekend to see the Hottest Wives, the Hottest Guys, the BIGGEST Body builders and the Best Bondage People in the World!!!  This is a weekend you do not want to miss.  Plus Kevin and Mindy will be your Mansion Hosts and you know how much they love to take it off... All Off!!!

And to tell you how much we love the New Princeton look, we are open every Saturday til 5am...  Want more, then call all your friends and come down to Princeton and PLAY MORE!!!

The Night Belongs to Princeton...

Love and Kisses,

RK and the Hottest Sexiest Staff in the World

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